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Bria Method Advises on Staying Beach Body Ready All Year Long


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2019 -- As the top-rated provider of group fitness training for the residents of Richboro, PA and the surrounding areas, Bria Method understands that while many individuals work hard to get their bodies in shape for the summertime, it can be easy for them to fall back into old habits and regain weight once it begins to get cold again. This autumn, the fitness studio is advising on how to maintain beach body physique all year long.

First, the fitness experts at Bria Method recommended weighing in regularly to track any weight gained or lost. While weighing oneself can be an excellent way to monitor food intake, it shouldn't become something to obsess or be discouraged about. Once a week is sufficient to track progress and adjust accordingly.

Scheduling workouts in advance is another way for an individual to maintain their summertime fitness level. By committing to a daily or weekly workout schedule, it can help a person to stay motivated. Bria Method offers a wide range of classes and workout options for their members, which makes it easy to stay fit all year long.

Once the temperatures drop and colder weather comes around, it can be tempting to consume more calories and dig into comfort foods like pasta and other heavy dishes. By paying close attention to nutrition, it can help prevent creeping weight gain and maintain a healthy, fit, and toned body.

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Bria Method is a cutting-edge group fitness studio centered in Warminster, PA. Providing group fitness classes for men and women of all levels, Bria Method offers balance fitness, HIIT classes, LIIT classes incorporating yoga and barre, and more, complete with personalized and professional advice for all members from Tony Bria himself on living a healthier and more active life.