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Brian Carruthers Discusses Advantages of Rollover IRAs


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2013 -- Finding the best retirement plans for various needs is difficult when there are so many retirement investing options. Just because an individual or business is eligible for a particular qualified retirement plan does not mean that this particular plan is the best choice to grow wealth quickly and in relative safety. When it comes to retirement investment, it is usually best to get retirement advice from someone who understands the rules governing different types of retirement plans as well as their advantages and disadvantages. Brian Carruthers and Associates,, has been providing sound retirement advice to individuals and businesses since 1990 and understands the implications of different retirement options.

There is some confusion about rollover IRAs, their rules and their advantages. With so many people changing jobs in the current economy, understanding how a rollover IRA works is becoming more necessary than ever. Brian Carruthers offers a simplified explanation of rollover IRAs and how they may benefit those who are changing jobs.

According to Carruthers, for those with a company-sponsored retirement plan who leave a job for any reason, it is important to decide how to use the funds that have been deposited into the retirement account. "If the person takes a new job, the new employer may offer a comparable retirement plan that allows the employee to simply place the funds into another account with little fuss or bother. However, more and more employees are finding that new jobs do not offer the same benefits as their old ones and must decide what to do with these retirement funds."

Taking the money in a lump sum is an option, but this decision can have significant tax penalties. Some companies will allow an employee to leave retirement funds in an account until the employee reaches retirement age. For those who must move their funds, however, and do not want to suffer tax consequences, a rollover IRA may be the answer.

For those who want to continue to receive tax-deferred status for retirement savings, a rollover IRA can be an ideal investment. However, establishing a rollover IRA is difficult and time-consuming. Many people wind up paying more than necessary simply due to a failure to have the checks from the old retirement account made out correctly for deposit in the new account, thereby causing the funds to trigger a tax consequence. It is critical to have the help of someone who understands IRA rollover procedures such as Brian Carruthers and Associates to assist with setting up these accounts.

According to Brian Carruthers, there are several reasons people choose rollover IRAs:

- Lower income taxes.
- Continuing tax-deferred deposit status.
- Avoid federal and state tax penalties.
- Maintain control of assets.
- Flexibility of estate planning.

However, rollover IRAs are not right for everyone. Brian Carruthers and Associates can help potential investors determine if the rollover plan is right for them.

About Brian Carruthers
Brian Carruthers has been managing investment portfolios for many years and acts as a fee-based financial planner for those with self-employed retirement plans. Unlike many financial advisers, Mr. Carruthers has been handling investment planning for many years and has a proven track record of performance. For everything from a simple retirement plan to more complex small business retirement plans, Brian Carruthers has the knowledge and expertise needed to give clients sound investment advice. Brian Carruthers and Associates is ready to help investors reach their retirement goals with active-tactical asset allocation strategies and personalized, professional money management techniques.

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