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Bridge City Boiler Now Offering Monitoring Device with the Installation of Energy Efficient Boilers


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2012 -- In today’s tough economic times, business owners are looking for additional ways to save and minimize wasteful spending. Upgrading old boilers to new energy efficient boilers can help property owners save a great deal of money, while benefiting the environment and keeping their homes and offices safe at the same time.

And right now, property owners throughout the San Francisco area can save even more money with the current promotion available from Bridge City Boiler.

For a limited time, San Francisco boiler contractor Bridge City Boiler is including an energy monitoring/savings device with every new boiler installation, at no cost. Valued at $3,000, the device monitors and adjusts boilers based on the unique needs of each property owner, allowing them to save money throughout the day. The energy monitoring/savings devices can easily be monitored remotely via the Internet, and, given their numerous benefits, are even endorsed by the City of San Francisco.

Bridge City Boiler’s goal is to help property owners reduce their cost of domestic hot water. The boiler contractors are helping people accomplish this through the installation and repair of top-notch energy efficient boilers, including Laars boilers.

The inclusion of energy monitoring/savings devices can help save property owners even more money, approximately 20 to 35 percent in energy costs, which translates to thousands of dollars annually.

According to Bridge City Boilers, the device provides this saving capacity to property owners by monitoring and automatically adjusting heating levels, eliminating unnecessary hot water.

Bridge City Boilers states, “State of the art controllers match water temperature settings to occupancy levels and hot water usage. Instead of constant, hottest water, you heat less when residents use less. The results and your energy reductions are shown on your dedicated web location in real time.”

This method allows for less heating and less water pump cycling, which reduces electricity costs, equates to fewer repair costs and leads to longer equipment life.

The devices can offer energy usage savings to apartment complexes, office complexes, hotels and motels, commercial property owners with heated outdoor pools and spas and more.

As an added benefit, the City of San Francisco offers programs that will help pay to have old boilers made more energy efficient. The devices provided by Bridge City Boilers provide this service.

Bridge City Boilers is open 24 hours a day, and clients who sign up for a boiler service contract receive even better priced rates.

The company’s monitoring/savings device promotion is available now through the end of 2013.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Bridge City Boiler, visit http://bridgecityboiler.com/SanFrancisco/

About Bridge City Boiler
Over 30 years ago, the owners of Bridge City Boiler established their presence in California. From the beginning, Bridge City Boiler built a reputation based on top-notch service and reasonable prices, both of which have been applied to product installation, product repairs and maintenance, and installation of energy savings systems. The customer’s full value in energy savings systems is always assured through real time monitoring and information on their designated web location.