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Bridge City Boiler Spreads the Word That San Francisco Has Re-Opened Its Incentive Rebate Program


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2013 -- Bridge City Boiler is spreading the word that the city of San Francisco has re-opened its San Francisco Energy Rebate program to help business owners and families retrofit older boilers with highly efficient energy management systems. For more than 30 years, California-based Bridge City Boiler has cultivated a reputation for top-notch service and reasonable prices to install, repair and maintain energy-saving boiler systems.

Published reports from the City show that San Francisco’s Department of the Environment’s ARRA-funded Boiler Incentive Program was highly successful in its first incarnation. As a major part of quite a few of those successful projects, Bridge City Boiler is now spreading the word that the energy rebate program has returned to the city of San Francisco. The leading boiler installation, repair and maintenance company is poised to help customers with the re-opened program and other incentive programs in order to bring the benefits to more buildings, landlords, families and the city as a whole.

“The city is trying to effectively deal with the fact that a majority of the housing stock in San Francisco is multi-family with many of them pre-war era,” said Bridge City Boiler President Tom Debin. “With many of these systems 20 to 100 years old, the energy savings, efficiency increase and positive safety and environmental impact of retrofitting or replacement are well worth encouraging building owners and families to take advantage of the rebate incentive program.”

San Francisco boiler replacement is a highly cost-effective approach with the rebate program. Many multi-family building owners are constantly dealing with broken valves, damaged seals and broken tubing in outdated boilers. Bridge City Boiler can work in conjunction with the San Francisco Energy Rebate Program and other available incentive programs that can cost effectively bring systems up to date and make them much more efficient.

Bridge City Boiler is a leader in efficient boiler systems that utilize the latest technology as well as major advocates of helping clients with the rebate program and other incentives. Today’s energy efficient boilers turn about 80 to 97 percent of their fuel into useful heat. This is compared to old boilers that only use 60 percent of their fuel. Consequently, replacing or retrofitting these old boilers benefits the bottom line as well as the environment.

In addition to replacement of outdated and inefficient boiler systems, Bridge City Boiler offers maintenance programs that utilize web-based data monitoring. This helps owners stay one step ahead of efficiency challenges and potential system breakdowns to keep repair costs minimal and under control.

With more than 30 years of experience in boilers and more than ten years of experience in energy-saving controls, Bridge City Boiler provides equipment and savings delivered by professionals. The Energy Management Systems specialists offer 24-hour assistance, no-charge consultations and encourage clients to contact them via email or by phone. For more information, please visit http://bridgecityboiler.com/SanFrancisco/

About Bridge City Boiler
More than 30 years ago, the owners of Bridge City Boiler established their presence in California. From the beginning, Bridge City Boiler built a reputation based on top-notch service and reasonable prices. These attributes have been applied to product installation, product repairs and maintenance as well as installation of energy-saving systems. The customer’s full value in energy saving systems is always assured through real time monitoring and information on their designated web location.