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Bridge Loan Company Launches New Website


Miami Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2012 -- BridgeInvest, a leading provider of commercial mortgage loan financing, recently launched a website to expand their online presence and provide a portal for further client interaction. The website contains valuable information for those interested in acquiring commercial mortgage loans and allows visitors to easily contact experts capable of informing borrowers and providing high quality short-term loans. The company’s domain is

According to their new website,

“BridgeInvest is a Miami Beach-based real estate lender focused on short-term financing or “bridge loans” secured by commercial real estate. Our goal is to provide high-quality borrowers with financing to help them execute their business plans and repay their loans in 6 – 24 months.”

The “Loan” section of the website provides basic information on parameters of loans provided specifying amount (1-10 Million dollars), geography, loan-to-value parentage, interest rates and more. They also allow potential borrowers to download a more extensive version of their loan parameters. This provides transparency for potential borrowers and shows BridgeInvest’s interest in efficient and professional business operation.

The “Invest” section of the website provides information for anyone interested in becoming part of the continued success of BridgeInvest. It provides a brief description of the company along with profiles of their skilled and experienced team. The team, as seen in their “About Us” section includes underwriters, loan originators, advisor and managing partner. According to the “Invest” section of the website Bridge Invest provides, “Quick and creative financing solutions for investors seeking interim capital for real estate projects”.

The company has a team of experts with over twenty-years of experience in loan origination. The team is capable of analyzing, structuring, and closing deals in a timely manner (within one month). BridgeInvest prides itself in business practices that emphasize “professionalism”, “integrity” and “transparency” according to their website. The company primarily does business in South Florida but is capable of providing bridge loans to any commercial business in the state of Florida.