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Bridging Experts Provides New Avenues of Financing for Individuals and Companies publishes a list of new projects perfect for bridging loans


Ferndown, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2014 -- Bridging Experts understands clients often need money quickly, yet worry about having to pay up-front fees or harming their credit by requesting a bridge loan. The company offers solutions for these clients, providing bridging loans with low interest rates, no fees up-front, flexible, unique and instant quotations online, and no credit footprint. Individuals and companies in need of a bridging loan find Bridging Experts to be the perfect partner in their quest.

"Bridging Experts remains key partners with every lender offering this service in the country, and this has allowed the company to successfully complete more than £100 million in these types of loans. Customers obtain access to exclusive products, ones with lower interest rates and Bridging Experts pays for valuations if one chooses to work with specific lenders," Chris Fairfax, spokesperson for Bridging Experts, states.

Many turn to Bridging Experts as they worry about the effect of a bridging loan on their credit. Lenders look to one's credit history to see how often they borrow, their repayment history, and the number of loans recently applied for. This last number tells the lender if the person will be a credit risk as they are overextending themselves. Bridging Experts leaves no credit footprint so this isn't of concern.

"One needs to be careful when obtaining a bridging loan as many companies have popped up offering this service over the past few years. One should never work with a company that only provides a phone number. Bridging Experts clients receive an open invitation to visit the office at any time, giving them confidence they are working with a reputable lender," Fairfax explains.

Bridging loans offer consumers an opportunity to take advantage of time sensitive offerings, as the entire process takes days, rather than weeks or months. When a group is assembled to purchase property and one member pulls out, the entire deal often falls apart, but a bridging loan can ensure the sale is finalized, and clients find they now have the ability to purchase a property at auction thanks to the speed of the loan.

"Bridging loans offer numerous benefits, providing cash to meet short term requirements or to complete a property conversion. Lenders typically won't offer financing for properties in need of refurbishment, yet Bridging Experts will, by finding a lender willing to front the funds. Visit Bridging Experts to learn how a loan of this type may be used for a wide range of purposes. Individuals and businesses alike find this lending option offers numerous benefits," Fairfax declares.

About Bridging Experts
A direct-to-consumers arm of Positive Lending, Bridging Experts operates as the country's largest bridging finance broker, offering more than 100 years of combined experience in the financial services sector. Bridging Experts advises clients on various products available to them and works to ensure the loan process moves swiftly and efficiently, as they understand time is of the essence. If any issues arise, the team deals with them promptly to get the bridge loan back on track, while treating all clients fairly.