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Bridging Loans That Feature Low Interest Rates Are Now Available from Hanover Square Brokers


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2012 -- Historically, bridging loans are meant to help home and business owners who wish to move from their current property to another location that they would like to purchase. These higher value, short term loans can provide people with much-needed funding that they need during these times of transition. Because bridging loans have an inherent increased risk, they are typically more expensive than conventional loans.

A new website, http://www.hanoversquarebrokers.co.uk/, is already getting a lot of attention for its ability to help people in the UK get bridging loans at competitive interest rates—in some cases, as low as 1%. Hanover Square Brokers (HSB) is a brokerage service and lending network that offers bridging loan services for a wide range of financial amounts. Terms vary from anywhere from one to 12 months at 70% LTV.

HSB and their lending partners have an outstanding track record and are known throughout the UK as some of the most major, privately funded lenders. Because HSB works with such reputable lenders, they are often able to offer their clients the best and most competitive rates in the country.

“Whether you are seeking to obtain bridging loans for auction purchases or residential and commercial properties with minimal fuss, HSB bridging loans is your answer,” an article on the newly-launched website said, adding that the company’s immaculate track record of completing deals in short time periods and its strong partnership with UK’s leading financial lenders has built HSB into an established brand within the financial lending sector.

Applying for a bridging loan with HSB is easy and straightforward; interested people may either contact the company by phone, or fill in a quick form with their contact information on the website’s home page and click “Submit Now.”

Once an application has been submitted, the staff at HSB will present it to the network of UK lenders. If a match is located, the company will act as brokers and will communicate all of the information contained in the final offer to the client.

Anyone who would like to learn more about bridging loans is welcome to visit the company’s new website at any time; in addition to descriptions of its services, the site features a Frequently Asked Questions section that offers in-depth information about the loans and the company.

About Hanover Square Brokers
Hanover Square Brokers (HSB) is a leading online bridging finance broker that focuses on delivering fast bridging loans at low market rates. HSB gets their clients the very best deals by working with well established major and private lenders that have available capital for immediate transactions. For more information, please visit http://www.hanoversquarebrokers.co.uk