Urges Domestic Movers to Consider Alternative Financing Options

Britain’s Leading Name in the Provision of Bridging Loans Advises Homebuyers Not to Pass Up Golden Opportunities Due to Temporary Financial Shortfalls.


Leicester, Leicestershire -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/10/2015 -- The UK's leading name in bridging loans brokerage services has issued a call to British homebuyers not to miss out on golden property investment opportunities, simply due to temporary financial shortfalls. According to the experts at, thousands of would-be homebuyers are each and every week passing up the opportunity to invest in the homes and properties of their dreams, simply due to their existing property having not yet been sold.

The complexities of the home selling and purchase processes are such that it is extremely common to effectively have the sale of your existing property 100% set in stone, though still be unable to access the necessary funds from the sale when they are needed most. This inherently leads to a great many missed opportunities and the need for unfortunate compromises to be made – all of which could be avoided entirely with the use of a simple bridging loan.

Multi-Purpose Financial Products

"A residential bridging loan can also be used to repay debt, purchase new investment properties or even for home improvements. Our specialists can work from the market value of the properties not just the purchase price, which is the case with many high street lenders. A bridging loan for renovation is also very useful in the situation where a high street lender cannot lend on a property because it is uninhabitable. If you need quick, fast, professional advice then please complete our application form." -

Complicated as it may appear on the surface, the concept as a whole is in fact one of genuine simplicity. Bridging loans work by providing the borrowers with fast access to relatively large sums of cash, which are then paid back over a relatively short period of time with extremely agreeable rates of interest. To get your hands on £150,000 from a conventional bank would of course be an extremely difficult and extensively drawn out process. By the time the cash was available to you, chances are the property purchase option would no longer be available.

With bridging loans however, the primary purpose of these financial products is to make the cash available as immediately as possible with no unnecessary delays or complications. What's more, with comparatively low rates of interest and repayment terms that generally span no more than two years, the total amount repaid tends to be exponentially less than would be repayable in the instance of a standard banking loan.

Bridging Loans Calculator

"Our bridging loan calculator can be used to determine the basic costs of bridging finance and bridging loans in the UK. The bridging loan calculator however only provides the costs for 1 type of bridging finance and as many types of projects are funded by bridging loans in the UK a discussion with one of our qualified advisors will additionally help to ensure an accuratation is received." - is committed to making it as easy and straightforward as possible for those interested in sensible short-term financial products/services to find the very best loans on the market. By using the brand's exclusive bridging loans calculator in conjunction with the team's independent and impartial advice, private and commercial borrowers alike are able to find out and consider all attached terms, repayment requirements and general advantages before penning an application.

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