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BrightStar Care's in-Home Care Services Help Seniors and Their Families


Southampton, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2019 -- In-home care services provided by BrightStar Care of South Bucks and Southeast Montgomery Counties offer elderly loved ones physical and emotional support to that improves the well-being and safety of their daily lives. As once routine activities become difficult to complete for an aging loved one, it is common for her/him to lose interest in caring for their health – especially when they lack the necessary support. The caregivers at BrightStar Care provide, compassionate, professional support to aging loved ones that sustains, and often improves, their quality of life.

There are many physical and emotional benefits to in-home care for your loved one(s). These include:

— Improved feeling of security and reduced stress and anxiety
— Improved emotional state as a result of the companionship and reduced loneliness.
— Increased physical and mental activity and engagement due to the gentle, positive encouragement of the caregiver

Caregivers can provide assistance with meal preparation, feeding, bathing, grooming, walking and transfers, light housekeeping, laundry, and encouragement and support of favorite activities, just to name a few.

The often-overlooked benefit of in-home care is that it also takes stress off family and friend caregivers who may already be struggling to keep up with the care requirements of a parent or other loved one. Instead of stressing with the often-constant requirements of care, family members are able to enjoy the parent/child or other similar personal relationship that both they and their love one most desire. Clients of BrightStar Care of South Bucks and Southeast Montgomery Counties often express gratitude for the care because it has reduced stress in their lives and allowed them to enjoy more quality, relaxing time with their loved one. They also often cite that they are finally able to sleep at night knowing that their love one is being well cared for when they cannot be there. Both the person receiving care and their family/friends often share that they have come to think of their BrightStar Care caregiver(s) as family.

For more information on how BrightStar Care can help your loved ones with the support they need to continue enjoying their lives safely, visit BrightStar Care of South Bucks and Southeast Montgomery Counties. With the help of their experienced caregivers, living a quality life becomes simpler. Call them at 215-750-8802 or fill out their contact form for further questions and inquiries.

About BrightStar Care of South Bucks and Southeast Montgomery Counties
BrightStar Care is an award-winning home health care agency that specializes in providing in-home care to seniors. With certified RN's and trained caregivers, BrightStar Care offers in-home services ranging from companion, personal, and skilled nursing care. With Joint Commission Accreditation, BrightStar Care ensures their agency maintains the highest levels of quality and safety, delivered by their Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurse and professional caregivers. BrightStar Care of South Bucks and Southeast Montgomery Counties has provided compassionate quality care to the community for over twelve years and has earned a reputation for outstanding quality as evidenced by a Google rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

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