BrightTouch Offers Special Launch Bonus with Every Starry String Light Purchase


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/11/2016 -- Having done research on what best to include in their fairy light sets, BrightTouch offers a special launch bonus to all consumers who purchase their fairy lights today. Special mounting stickers, included in all purchases, make it simple for anyone to mount these lights anywhere and everywhere with ease!

The most recent BrightTouch product to come to the market, starry string lights in blue, red, and white, have been incredibly well received so far. Now the company is making headlines once again by offering a bonus with every BrightTouch string light purchase. Special transparent mounting stickers will come with each strand, giving customers the ability to mount their new lights just about anywhere.

One of the issues that some consumers have reported with fairy string lights is that they have to come up with a way of making them stay where they want them. Now, thanks to the design team at BrightTouch, that is no longer a thought. For customers who purchase BrightTouch fairy string lights, the mounting of said lights is already taken care of by special transparent mounting stickers that keep the light strand wherever the customer wants it.

"One of the issues we came across during testing was just how to hang these lights up," explains Todd Smith of the BrightTouch design team. "It became apparent to us then that we were going to have to come up with something so that our customers didn't have to worry about how to hang them up when they got their new lights from BrightTouch, only where they would want to hang them up."

Coming up with a plan so that customers didn't have to is just another way that the company is working hard to stand out above every other, and if the numbers are to be believed, it is working.

"We work hard to build great products with lots of benefits," says Smith. "But that's not the only thing we want to give our customers. We want to add value and benefit to every aspect, be it physical, or simply adding some thought to save people time and energy."

So far, the response to both the USB fairy lights and the transparent mounting stickers have been very positive, according to company records. Having worked to remove problems that customers have reported having with similar products, BrightTouch prides themselves on having developed a product that fills a need without having the normal downsides. With low energy consumption, high quality manufacturing techniques and materials, and the ability to plug it into any USB port, these fairy lights do just that.

About BrightTouch
BrightTouch is a fairly new company that is constantly working to bring a special sparkle to anyone's life through various innovative lighting products. By creating popular products with high quality materials and manufacturing techniques, they are making a splash in the world today.