BrightTouch Unveils New Product, Leads Industry in Consumer Benefits

With their newest product now on the market, BrightTouch has shown their ability to develop a popular product into something even better by taking customer feedback and creating a product that truly leads the way in consumer benefits.


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/12/2016 -- Every company strives to fulfill the customer's need in the best way possible, but few succeed in taking the market by storm and leading the way in product-to-consumer benefits like BrightTouch has. With their newest product the work of countless hours of design and innovation, it is hard to miss the impact it is having on the fairy lighting niche.

Fairy lights, or starry lights, have exploded on the scene and people all over the world are buying these simple light strands to light up their world in a million different ways. From offering pure lighting, to adding a magical sparkle to that special moment, fairy lights are filling many needs. Up until now, however, they've come with plenty of downfalls and lots of reasons to abandon the beautiful light they offer.

"Any time you work with something you have to plug in, you are dealing with your safety and the safety of your family," says Lee MacDonald of the BrightTouch design team. "There are lots of similar products out there, but only BrightTouch offers a low power consumption, USB plug-in that prevents the use of easily overheating adapters and high load wiring that can quickly catch on fire."

While safety was one of the main concerns of the company, they also worked to make sure the newest product in the BrightTouch line up would offer a number of other benefits to consumers.

"We knew that customers had certain complaints about similar products, such as how to hang them up, or the inflexibility and breakage of the wire," explains MacDonald. "With the BrightTouch fairy lights, our wires are completely flexible and don't break, and we include special transparent mounting stickers that consumers can use to put them up just about anywhere."

It seems like the company, which is family owned and operated, has thought of everything. Indeed, more benefits come to the surface as experience with the product grows. Bright lighting in smaller spaces make the light strands perfect for under or in the cabinet, in pet spaces, or even closets. Great for decorating larger spaces, the lights offer an ambiance that can't be found elsewhere. Magical and practical, it appears that BrightTouch has succeeded.

About BrightTouch
As a small, family owned and operated company, BrightTouch knows how important safety and personality is to any family. That's why they strive to offer products that allow families to express their uniqueness while maintaining safety in all ways.