Bring a Sense of Peace Indoors with an Extensive Collection of Faux Trees from Bloomr


Dubai, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2019 -- A renowned name in the artificial floral industry, Bloomr offers an extensive collection of faux trees that makes any space feel like an extension of the outdoor world, thus bringing a sense of peace indoors. Handcrafted by real florists, these artificial trees match the real flowers they're inspired from. To cater to the varying needs of the customers, the company provides these faux trees in a variety of styles, colors, designs and types.

The different types of faux tress they provide includes Strelitzia Tree, Banana Tree, Kentia Palm, Bamboo, Areca Palm Tree, Laurel Tree, Leather Fern and many more. Alluring in appearance, these faux trees transform the appearance of home and office interiors, whilst adding value to the property. Individuals looking to get high quality artificial trees can order their desired piece online from their official portal,

Bloomr has been actively operating in the artificial floral industry for years, and over time has amassed a huge customer base across the globe. The products that they offer stand out due to their simple, minimal, and high functional characteristics. They employ cutting edge technology and top grade materials to manufacture their artificial plants. In addition to faux trees, the company also offers faux orchid arrangements, faux succulents & plants, faux floral arrangements, pots and vases and more.

Talking about their faux trees, one of the representatives from the company stated, "Extra attention is given when designing the subtle characteristics of the leaves to give it a realistic look. These tree will surely add a tropical touch to any interior! Our trees come assembled and ready to decorate your room! To protect the branches and leaves in shipping we do condense the branches in a protective packaging."

About Bloomr
Florist by trade, Swedish by birth, and interior enthusiast in soul, ZoZo, with his wife, Leah, launched their brainchild, Bloomr, as a passion project in 2015. In 2004, Zozo embarked on his career as a Florist and very quickly found himself drawn to artificial floral due to their longevity. In 2015, Leah, with a background in e-commerce, a knack for branding, and a serious eye for design, joined Zozo on his mission and brought in her expertise to create what is now Bloomr. Their motivation to create and establish a brand in the market that offers consumers easy access to top-quality, high-design, fine faux floral and plants stemmed from one simple notion: To bring long-lasting life to interiors. Bloomr designs are inspired by ZoZo's Scandinavian heritage. Our products are characterized by simplicity, minimalism, and functionality.

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