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Bring the Fresh Continues to Reinvent with Bring the Fresh 2014


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2014 -- Bring the Fresh, an internet marketing course launched in June 2012 is re-inventing itself with Bring the Fresh 2014. Bring the Fresh 2014 is the brain child of Kelly Felix, long-time internet marketing expert and affiliate specialist.Kelly hopes the fresh take on his popular internet marketing program will help new and existing students excel in today’s rapidly changing environment of internet marketing.

Bring the Fresh 2014 wishes to help everyday people make money online by teaching them about affiliate marketing. Kelly Felix, the founder of Bring the Fresh 2014, draws from his years of results and experience in internet marketing to create a program that will fit even the freshest internet marketer being unfamiliar with the basics of web set-up to the experienced and aged marketer who’s been in the industry since it commenced.

Bring the Fresh 2014 is a spin of Bring the Fresh which was the original course released in 2012 with a collaboration between Mike Long and Kelly Felix. After a fall out shortly after, Kelly continues the Bring the Fresh brand, bringing Bring the Fresh 2014 as the latest introduction of BTF. The significant difference with Bring the Fresh 2014, is the continued emphasis on search engine optimization for convenient and easy to reach affiliate commissions.

Various Bring the Fresh 2014 review have expressed that Kelly updated the course with new findings regarding search engine optimization and a greater emphasis on diversity of income. Alongside this, Bring the Fresh 2014 reveals a new approach which includes an emphasis on promoting precious metals product which few other internet marketing courses have ventured to.

As its name suggest, Bring the Fresh 2014 continues to keep the program up to date for its members. Bring the Fresh continues testing, proving, and sharing successful internet marketing methods/techniques to help people with their goals to make money online. Bring the Fresh consist of a training program introduction, special demonstration videos, and a member’s only forum where BTF members share their successes along with answers to questions. BTF 2014 now also features one-on-one interviews with well-known internet marketers and Bring the Fresh members who have been successful in variations of the Bring the Fresh guide.

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IMInfoHub is an Internet Marketing informational hub to provide internet marketing product updates, trends, and guides. IMInfoHub strives to continue updating marketers with the latest news in internet marketing and the world of eCommerce. Bring the fresh is a course originally released through a partnership of Kelly Felix and Mike Long who shortly left after its initiation. Bring the Fresh 2014 is a product of Kelly Felix years of experience and expertise in internet marketing.

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