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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 --, a website dedicated in providing advice, techniques and support for individuals facing adversity in their love life, has recently reviewed the popular eBook The Magic of Making Up. The eBook by T.W. Jackson focuses on how to get your life back together after a rough break and provides various tactics to win back the ex-lover. The website has also released a video which shares one of the tactics given in the eBook.

The review of Magic of Making Up finds that the eBook covers many aspects which other relationship eBooks do not mention. According to the review the eBook firstly guides individuals who have faced a break up to regain control of their emotions and to start following normal daily routines with addition of proper diet and exercise to get back on their feet. The review further finds that after stability of emotions is achieved there are numerous proven techniques shared and have been explained in a step by step process such that they can be easily followed. Many testimonials of consumers who have used the eBook have stated that their marriages and relationships were rekindled through the techniques, even in cases where the ex-partner absolutely refused to even communicate.

The 15-min video which is now available on the Magic of Making Up review page of the website, discusses the common situations in which people find themselves when they break up with their loved ones and shares one very simple tactic revealing a few simple immediate steps to take in order to reconnect with them in the near future. The free video also elaborates on which types of behavior will only push the ex-partner away and should be avoided at all costs. From the video alone it is evident that eBook’s writer T.W. Jackson has done extensive research on psychological behavior of men and women during relationships and after break ups. The techniques that are provided in the eBook focus on how certain actions can trigger emotions in the ex-partner, thus initiating re-building of the relationship from both sides.

The review concludes that despite the fact the downloadable eBook in pdf format is only 63 pages long, all content in the eBook is relevant and covers material which is not readily available elsewhere. The review further added that eBook is also informative for individuals who simply want to be enlightened on what men and women desire in relationships.

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