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Bringing Health and Fitness to the Workplace: How One North Carolina Gym Is Innovating the Way Corporations Do Business

Excel Body Fitness Offers Onsite Holistic Health Services to Companies Onsite


Cary, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2017 -- We live in a day and age where the sedentary lifestyle is ubiquitous and, in countless cases, virtually unavoidable. This is particularly true in the corporate world where the basic benefits of moving around as a part of daily activities are so often neglected due to being stationary for eight or more hours of the day and the typical benefits that would otherwise accompany such a normal behavior are severely undermined. But the effects are often much further reaching than what can be seen with the naked eye. Internal issues – both physically and mentally – run rampant. While neglecting any form of exercise can have dire consequences for an individual – even companies who not only value their employees' well-being but also the health of the very company they are trying to grow and keep healthy are taking notice and looking for solutions to the epidemic at hand.

Fortunately, Excel Body Fitness, a center that looks at the well-being of the individual from a "bigger picture" kind of view – instead of just one aspect of health – has experience in these matters and is answering the call for a solution to this ever-growing problem. Excel Body Fitness truly believes in the importance of fitness as a sustainable long term practice that improves both the mind and the body.

"Since our inception, we here at Excel Body Fitness have been all about focusing on the individual as a whole and have continued to evolve daily in ways that bring our business – and most importantly our clients – closer to that goal," shared co-founder and -owner Pantea Dougani. "The corporate world is waking up to the reality that if they expect their employees to perform efficiently and effectively in our modern society, they need to take some steps towards an environment that encourages physical activity and increases morale among workers."

Dougani has already seen tremendous open-mindedness about these ideas and is extremely optimistic about the future of fitness in the corporate arena. She has noted that companies have been more and more conscious of providing some stress relief for their employees.

Excel's onsite services can mean anything from actual workouts all the way to massage. Just 45-50 minutes of stretching and core, or a combination of weight training and cardio will help employees to have a more productive day as well as better health.

"You'd be amazed how many employees end up coming to the fitness classes we offer onsite at companies. Many of these people would love to go to the gym after work if they had time, but it's simply out of the question for many of them – particularly those who have children, a long commute, or a second job. Bringing it to work means the world to them and gives the added benefit of being able to have a more fulfilling and productive work day."

Massage is another one of the many techniques Excel Body Fitness employs in promoting overall wellness within the corporate world. While massage may be relaxing and much appreciated by anyone with even the slightest bit of stress, its effects reach far beyond what may be apparent on the surface. When it comes to the workplace, massage therapy truly shines through. It has been shown time and time again that having a massage therapist available onsite for employees can result in tremendous improvements in performance.

Excel Body Fitness contracts with various companies and corporations in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas in offering 30-60 minute table massages and 10-15 minute chair massages to employees during the workday. Having massage therapy in the workplace is an investment on several levels. First, it plays a huge role in health itself. It can result in happier workers, higher retention, and overall increased likeability of the company. The service is especially beneficial for manufacturing and desk workers who often experience back, neck, and shoulder pain as well as carpal tunnel and knee problem as a result of their duties.

Employers providing either of these services ultimately provide something invaluable on many levels for those at their company. What might take an employee many hours out of their day to do (hours they may not have in the first place) is brought to them at work and, in many cases, can be subsidized or even paid for by insurance.

Nutrition advice, success coach, physical therapist, personal trainers, yoga, massage therapy, smoke cessation seminars, and a host of other programs are available at Excel making it a truly all-around health center that focuses not just on the body but the mind as well. To learn more, visit www.excelbodyfitness.com.

About Excel Body Fitness
Excel Body Fitness (XBF) began in 2010 as a quest for the best fitness regime possible: the most-effective muscle-confusing workouts, the most challenging body sculpting classes, the most intense high-energy programs, and the best fat-burning martial art style cardio-kick boxing workouts. They offer personal training in a group setting, spin classes, kickboxing, Zumba, Bootcamp classes, Personal Training, nutritional guidance, and more! One of the Triangle's most sought-after fitness programs, Excel was designed with one thing in mind: client success. Excel Body Fitness focuses its regime on what matters most – providing fitness classes, dedicated hands-on instruction, nutritional guidance and one-on-one mentoring that enable clients to accomplish their health and fitness goals. The end result is highly effective fitness program that empowers clients to look, feel, and live better. They provide on-site fitness for corporations as well.