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Bringing Internet Access All Across the Globe: Will Google Champion Their Fleet of Satellites Project?

Fleet of satellites orbiting the Earth at lower altitudes, solar-power drones, satellites, and lasers…These are all proof that man’s never-ending quest for life’s improvement is inevitable. How would the world look like if everyone on the planet is on the internet sphere?


Melbourne, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2014 -- Internet is becoming life’s necessity as it significantly improves people’s lives. But presently, two-thirds of the world still have no access to it. Google, with its goal of bringing internet access to everywhere, even to the most remote areas of the globe, is mapping out a plan to give birth to small, high-capacity satellites that would orbit the Earth at lower altitudes than traditional satellites.

The projection is that Google will pilot the project with 180 satellites using a $1 billion budget. This launch will have successive expansions in the future.

This is not actually the first time Google announced such plans to spearhead a project that would improve the world’s internet access. Last year, they announced their plans of setting up a balloon-powered internet access which would be a ring of balloons floating around the globe on the stratospheric winds. The balloon is said to be carried by the wind at altitudes twice as high as commercial planes to shaft internet access to the ground at a velocity like the current 3G network, or even faster than that. This highly experimental technology still needs a lot of research and it might take time for Google to make it possible.

Two months ago, Google bought Titan Aerospace, solar-power drones maker that would make it possible to bring internet access to the most remote parts of the world and possibly solve the issues on high internet costs as well. It is projected that Titan Aerospace would be able to stay in the air for five years and that its drones can be used for atmospheric and weather monitoring, disaster response, and voice and data communication. Titan is still being developed and it is not yet available for commercial purposes.

It is not only Google who had big ambitions of reaching every part of the world in terms of internet access. March of this year, Facebook also announced that they are in the process of building drones, satellites, and lasers to bring internet access to everyone. Facebook’s Connectivity Lab Project is being partnered with aerospace and communications experts from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab and its Ames Research Center. The goal of Facebook to make internet highly-accessible for all people in the world highlights their intensifying dream to wield influence further than the confines of their 1.2 billion-member social network and to set the position for a new and improved technology that will shape the world.

Other smaller tech and business process companies like RJ&Co. Solutions providing support for instance, to start-ups of South Yarra, Australia, are in full support to this goal of bringing everyone on the internet sphere, and act as catalysts for businesses to deliver technology assistance at its premium.

The giant ambitions of these giant tech companies all give hope to the people that someday, everyone on the planet would be online.

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