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Bringing on-Demand Product Personalization to the Online Shopper Printed and Shipped out from the Good Old USA


Richmond Hill, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2016 -- While Dye Sublimation printing helped organizations print logos and other images on products and Tee-Shirts and so on for years, klik2Design are amongst those companies who have successfully made this technology available for the everyday consumer.

Ever thought of printing your photograph on a coffee mug or on that phone case you were about to buy online? That just might be possible. has managed bring dye sublimation printing (dye-sub) to the personalized product market. Dye-sub printing prints rich and vibrant colors on most print compatible products. The company sells over 140 products, and they leverage their use of this amazing technology to elevate the appearance of company logos, photographs, artistic designs and more on a product by making them marvelously saturated with color. This technology bypasses the clustered dots of color and uses heat while pressing these images into the product giving it a more original "a part of the product look". Why it is not more widely used has to do with the expense of the technology, but Klik2design are amount those few companies that have found a way to change that dynamic. They make available single prints for single products or larger orders, putting any individual or company in the position to obtain personalized products at affordable prices, and all done online.

A loved one's name or even a photograph can be printed on a choice of product, giving the lasting memorial an identity. Home owners can now design pillows, plush fleece blanket and even satin singular drapes that are a part of the large number of products available on their website. This can give d├ęcor a more couture vibe without the couture price. "We have a large inventory of pillows, drapes and so on in different sizes from which a customer can choose. When they purchase the product we then print the design they want and then ship it out to the customer" said an on demand delivery manager at klik2design

With a large inventory of carefully sourced products and new items being added all the time; vows to transform product personalization for both the customer and businesses alike.

Brilliant pops of color, non-blurred details and lasting quality are some of the other benefits of dye-sub printing. With patented inks and print technology, its next generation printing and all done in the United States, providing hands-on quality control from end-to-end. In fact this is a point of pride for the company. Shipping is cost effective, and is also from the good old USA.

The company has invested in bringing the online personalization experience to their consumers and businesses seeking products with sharp images and vibrant colors that are crisp and lively, customers can now design a mock-up right on the website before purchasing the product. "Knowing what a coffee mug with a company logo or a phone case with a loved one's picture on it would look like before it is purchased can make a lot of difference in help building a consumer's trust in purchasing the product they want. "To our surprise, more and more customers are buying personalized pet bowls for their pet, mostly with their pet's pictures on it. We envision this segment to contribute to a larger amount of sales" said Mr. Sachin Leumas the Founder and Business owner of klik2design

Creative officers stand by, ready to reproduce images and then print them with the best color detail possible to match the original image. Customers can easily complete their purchase online as the website is equipped with an SSL certificate, a secure form of transaction interphase that is legally compliant to secure online customer payments.

Mr. Leumas, recalled on one instant how his company's solution was able to put a smile on a customer's face. He states, "A customer found us on Instagram and at the time was looking for some pillows but could not find the right patron or design at physical stores. She was thrilled about the fact that she could design these pillows herself and even uploaded a picture she wanted them printed on. The fact that we were able to solve a problem makes all the hard work worth wile" "This truly made me happy knowing that we are not just able to offer services to organizations and consumers looking for personalized gifts, but also solve problems that may have not been solved otherwise." To add to the experience he stated, "Klik2design is now also working on a better user friendly interface by soon launching a new website to help enhance our customer's shopping experience"

The company's take on product pricing are also quite unique. Mr. Leumas states, "While most eCommerce businesses today hike prices and then offer discount coupons every day to attract a customer, it's very important to keep in mind that you don't really need these tactics if your pricing is right and you're offering quality products and services. We do intend to offer discounts as well but we intend to do them for the right reasons rather than just a customer attraction feature."

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