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Bringing Parents and Students Into the Creative Yearbook Process


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- Things have changed in the past few decades when it comes to school yearbooks. In the past, yearbook companies demanded that the proofs for school year books be in by a certain deadline in order to guarantee that the class yearbooks would be ready for pickup by the next fall. Further, many school yearbook companies greatly limited the size and scope of US school yearbooks. Those who wanted to order a yearbook were left with few options.

However, times change and today there is a yearbook company that not only outshines other yearbook printing companies on cost but also on the flexibility of contributing annual material. While traditional yearbook companies prices continue to climb, Creative Yearbooks at offers a way to bring parents and students into the creative process while at the same time controlling costs.

Parents and students can become involved in creating a Creative Yearbook at any point in the process. The unique software options available from Creative Yearbooks include:

- Pictavo. This web-based browser offers one of the most effective ways to involve students and parents in the yearbook creation process. Pictavo operates completely on the Internet with no software to download. Annual committees or supervisors can allow access for anyone who wants to upload photographs or text, creating the perfect venue for everyone to be involved in the yearbook.

- EZ Book Online. This program combines online sharing capabilities with easy-to-use downloadable software. Parents and students who want to be part of the creative process can work with the yearbook coordinators to contribute information, pictures and other parts of the yearbook.

- PDF Plan. This is the most professional plan available and allows an infinite variety of layouts. For annual committees who want to truly create a unique yearbook, this option allows parents and students to upload or email submissions, then allows layout specialists to edit them freely.

About Creative Yearbooks
Parents, students and teachers love Creative Yearbooks because this school yearbook company offers yearbook printing at reasonable prices and involves everyone in the process of creating a digital yearbook. As the yearbook company that specializes in user-created annuals, Creative Yearbooks allows infinite variety and flexibility in yearbook creation.

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