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Zurich, Switzerland -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2013 -- Metacam for dogs is an excellent way to ensure that dogs do not fall prey to stinging pain due to old age or for any other reason. There are several reasons that can cause inflammation to dogs and eventually play havoc with their health. However, Metacam for dogs is a safe way to ensure that the discomfort caused to the dogs is taken care of effectively.

Under usual circumstances, Metacam is used for the treatment of Arthritis in dogs. Sometimes, certain accidents may result in surgery of the dogs and the wound may take time to heal. When such wounds are exposed to other environmental factors, dogs may experience severe pain and discomfort. It is during this time that Metacam works best for the dogs. This condition usually occurs because of old age in dogs.

Needless to say, as the dog gets older, his bones and joints start getting weaker and stiffer. This leads to failure in easy movement. Metacam is known to pump up the energy levels of dogs and give them the much needed boost to gain some energy. This medicine is usually prescribed by a certified veterinarian and does

Usually, as dogs tend to get older, their level of activity reduces considerably. Besides, they also experience immense difficulties while sleeping. Metacam helps reverse this situation by inducing more activity in your dog by raising the energy levels to a great extent. This contributes to an overall wellbeing of the dog. Most of the times, a pain attack can be effectively dealt with, with a good dosage of Metacam.

The dosage given to every dog differs widely based on the weight and activity levels of the dog. However, care should be taken to not consistently use Metacam for dogs as it has its own share of side effects. gives a detailed information about this anti inflammatory drug that is used extensively for treating dogs, especially when they suffer from Arthritis.

The Metacam solution is available in liquid form and the simplest way to ensure that the dogs receive this medicine on a timely basis is by adding a fairly decent quantity of this medicine in the dog’s food bowl. This medicine, Metacam for dogs, is not intended for humans.

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