Bringing Up Beth: A Heart Wrenching Story of Bringing Up a Child with Down's Syndrome

When faced with the unknown of raising a daughter with Down’s Syndrome, Henny Beaumont embraced the challenges and “Brought Up Beth”. The honesty and deep emotional tone of Henny’s story can touch anyone’s heart.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/30/2016 -- From the outside, it's hard to see what a family goes through when raising a child with a disability. In her heart wrenching graphic novel "Hole in the Heart", Henny Beaumont takes us on a journey of her surprise, despair, concern and humor as she learns to trust her own feelings and love her daughter with Down's Syndrome. This story doesn't shy away from the complicated emotions and situations of raising a child with Down's Syndrome, and this will be discussed in this riveting episode.

When Henny Beaumont's third child was born, she wasn't prepared for the diagnosis of Down's Syndrome. After dealing with the shock, she then had to deal with her own emotions, and wonder how people would see her daughter for who she was. Eventually, Downs Syndrome becomes only a piece of the family, and Beth shines for who she is. Henny's story speaks to families with children with special needs, as well as anyone who is wondering if their child is reaching their full potential.