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Brisbane Gets a Faster Way to Fix Smartphones with the Launch of Screen Fixed


Brisbane, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/27/2015 -- An integral part of the two-thirds of the population who own a smartphone, Screen Fixed launches convenience in Brisbane. The booming iPhone and Samsung repair service has gone mobile in more ways than one. They've taken their repairs to the streets thanks to a nifty eco-friendly set up and technicians all to ready to oblige. Now, when an iPhone or Galaxy is on the blink, a customer can have a technician on their doorstep almost immediately at no extra cost.

Premiering the Screen Fixed "demand and dispatch" business model, the company transforms disaster into a mere hiccup in productivity. Serving Brisbane, Toowoomba and suburbs with their new mobile service for iPhone repairs, Screen Fixed will dispatch their technicians anywhere duty calls. Whether it be home, office or local cafe, convenience is top of mind. Once dispatched, the technician will have the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy repairs completed within one hour.

With Aussies ranked second in the world for smartphone ownership, it's estimated that at some point, the local 37% will need a hand. Ben Turner, founder and technician of Screen Fixed said of the launch, "In our smartphone repair experience in Ashgrove, we saw that the entire process can take more than two hours out of the customer's day. By the time they locate us, make an appointment, drive across town and then wait for thirty minutes to an hour to do the smartphone repair, it's just wasn't time efficient. Now, we go to them and fix a smartphone within an hour without an extra fee. What could be faster and more cost efficient?"

Backing up their mobile smartphone repair service with a two year warranty Smart Fix makes customer service and convenience a priority. Using hybrid fuel efficient vehicles the company is dedicated to the environment as well. Passing along that savings to their customers, Screen Fixed keeps iPhone repairs and Galaxy repairs at a competitive price point. The company's new mobile repair service comes at no extra cost to their customers.

About Screen Fixed
Screen Fixed is a service based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia that fixes smartphones on demand via dispatching a mobile service. For the customer's convenience, Screen Fixed will meet customers anywhere they choose and fix their smartphone within one hour. Founded by Ben Turner, Screen Fixed predominately services iPhone and Galaxy smartphones.

Ben Turner
Founder & Head of Product
Ph: 04 3143 7809
Ph: 1300 193 331

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