Brisk and Aromatic "Iris's Organic Coffee and Tea Room" Seeks Funding of $150,000 Through Indiegogo to Offer a 100% Organic Menu and a Community Based Coffee Shop


Suwanee, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2014 -- No matter how bitter life gets, a sip of a great organic coffee changes everything.

Iris’s Coffee and Tea Room will be a community based coffee shop that seeks to bring people together by providing a great atmosphere, amazing music, poetry readings, and coffee of the highest quality. They have planned to offer live music, a meeting space, and a safe environment to the community to meet, greet, share and engage as they enjoy healthy beverages and snacks.

Organic coffee and tea provides many benefits to even the most casual of consumers including

-No Chemicals
-No Pesticides
-One sip, one noble cause
-Environment Friendly
-Better taste

Iris's Coffee and Tea will support causes that are beneficial to the well-being of the community. 1% of their sales will be donated to organizations that aid in worthy causes such as:

-Organic Farming
-The Fight Against Human Trafficking
-The Healthy & Well-being of children

Iris's Organic Coffee and Tea Room seeks crowdfunding for:
City Permits/licenses/fees $6,500.00
Renovations $7,000.00
Office Equipment/Cash Register POS System $7,700.00
Marketing $9,600.00
Furnishings and Décor $10,800.00
Legal/Accounting/Insurance $12,500.00
Startup inventory and supplies $15,000.00
3mos rent + deposit $17,200.00
Counters/Condiment Bar/Shelving $18,000.00
Kitchen appliances and supplies $22,700.00
Coffee Equipment/Food Display Case $23,000.00

This campaign started on May 29 and will close on July 13, 2014 (11:59pm PT).

Indiegogo :