AJ West

Bristol Based Financial Experts, AJ West Release Free Commodity Investment Report

In their free report AJ West a commodities broker based in Bristol say that they are worried by the loose monetary policies of world central banks and believe the economic outlook is not too bright.


Bristol, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- AJ West is a leading commodities investment brokerage based in Bristol, South West England. The company employs a team that continually researches the markets and delivers in-depth analyses to the help their clients make investment decisions.

The company have recently produced a report, in the report they say that they believe the investment landscape is changing and commodities such as Gold, Oil and Diamonds are coming to the fore.

The company say “the case for physical assets such as precious metals and diamonds continues to be undersold in favour of riskier assets such as government bonds and cash.”

AJ West say they believe classical investment vehicles are being undermined by a global move from the major central banks, such as the Bank of England, Bank of Japan and The US Federal Reserve, who are favouring ultra loose monetary policies in order to promote an economic recovery.

AJ West believe that due to inflation any recovery will come at the expense of those holding low yielding bonds and cash in their respective local currencies.

Historically commodities such as precious metals have provided an effective hedge to inflationary environments and economic downturns. AJ West believe commodities and precious metals will continue to be an effective inflation hedge but they say diamonds are also coming to the fore, they give their reasons for this opinion in a free report that can be obtained here.

The company caution the report should not be taken as personal advice and should be read in conjunction with their risk warnings that can be found by visiting www.aj-west.com/risk.php.

For more information about AJ West visit aj-west.com or call the company on 0117 313 7004.