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BriteX Brightness Sensors from EMX Industries Offer Reliable, Easy in-Line Monitoring & Control

Industry leading brightness sensors from EMX Inc. provide great accuracy and efficiency


Cleveland, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2013 -- BriteX brightness sensors from EMX Industries, Inc., solve real world challenges for various industries, including paper, pulp and sugar applications, by offering reliable, high-speed and efficient detection and measurement of brightness. The BriteX sensors can be used in numerous ways, offering a tighter control of processes and quality, while reducing operation costs.

EMX Industries strives not only to produce the highest quality of sensors and controls, but also to produce products which tackle difficult challenges for various industries and clients. That's why within the family of BriteX brightness sensors, there are five different models, each optimized for a specific intended or designated usage; the BriteX-1000P, BriteX-1000P Probe Series, BriteX-1000L, BriteX-1000S and BriteX-100.

Across each model, there are several consistent traits and overall benchmarks for quality. For instance, all of the BriteX brightness sensors offer an easy to read numerical display in standard brightness units.

All of the BriteX brightness sensors feature a high quality, rugged construction, and both a discrete PNP/NPN output and analog output. They showcase features such as auto-set of detection thresholds, hysteresis level adjustment and adjustable gain, and overall high sensitivity, high resolution, and fast response.

The sensors offer a larger range than the competition, with spectral response on the receiver ranging from 350 up to 1000nm and adjustable sensitivity, along with adjustable projected-light intensity with three levels, low, medium and high. All of this makes BriteX sensors extremely convenient and flexible, enabling each to be simple to work with in any existing operation or in-line factory setup.

From there, each model in the BriteX family will offer different specifications, and different real-world applications.

The BriteX-1000P offers a display range of relative brightness intensity from 0 to 99, 457nm light source, sensing distance of up to 900mm, and a large spot size of 50mm in diameter at a 200mm distance. It is used for dry-end paper applications, such as pulp bales on a conveyor, paper and cardboard, and more.

The BriteX-1000P Probe Series also has a 0 to 99 relative intensity display range, and offers a 25mm glass window spot size, light source of either 457nm or 370nm, and 100mm sensing distance. All of this makes the BriteX-1000P Probe ideal for wet-end pulp applications, paper slurry, paper coatings, textiles and more.

The BriteX-1000L is utilized for paper break applications. To accomplish this, it offers a huge 36 inch range, a display range from 0 to 50, sensitivity of x1 or x10, and a 50mm spot size at 200mm.

The BriteX-1000S is specially designed for measurements and quality control of sugar, utilizing International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis (ICUMSA) color readings. It has a sensing distance of up to 900mm, 457nm LED, spot size of 50mm at 200mm and a display range from 0 to 99.

Finally, the BriteX-100 is optimized for a small target area, as little as a 8mm spot size at a 40mm distance. Distance can be increased up to 150mm, and display range is from 0 to 99. The BriteX-100 is commonly used for labels, reflective surfaces, plastic products, carpet and registration marks.

The BriteX brightness sensors are a step ahead of the competition, and help the companies who use them to stay a step ahead of their competition as well. Increased quality, efficiency of operations and profitability are all possible when utilizing the BriteX.

They are just one of many such industry leading sensors from EMX, alongside other standout products such as color sensors, luminescence sensors, opacity testers, and more.

To learn more about the BriteX brightness sensors from EMX Industries, visit EMXInc.com. Full product specifications and cut-sheets for each BriteX model are available, along with demonstration videos, and pricing request forms.

Prospective clients can get started by calling 216.518.9888, and the EMX Inc. team will be happy to share more about how their sensors and controls can make nearly any business more efficient and profitable.

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