British Born Film Maker and Musician Known as Jay Mo Becomes the First Ever British Indian to Receive an African Oscar

Jason Mohan aka Jay Mo, an award-winning, British born, Indian musician and film-maker makes history by becoming the first British Indian to receive an African Oscar.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2013 -- The African Oscars have been held at the legendary Warner Theater, Washington D.C since 2010 the awards recognize excellence in the African film industry and are watched by 500 million viewers around the world. The third annual African Oscars (NAFCA 2013) took place on Saturday 14th of September 2013. This years ceremony was attended by many A-list African movie stars, Musicians, Ambassadors, political figures and other dignitaries.

Jay Mo picked up The Best Original Soundtrack Oscar for his work on America – The Dream. The soundtrack was created for the film The Fetus, The Fetus is a short film directed by Hollywood-based Nigerian, John Chuka. The film focuses on the struggles of a girl called Catalina as she struggles with immigration laws, religious dogmas, abortion laws and the fetus in her womb, you can learn more about the film here on the The Africa Movie Academy Awards website.

Jason Mohan AKA Jay Mo is currently aged 24 and was born in London, U.K but also spent time in Liberia, Nigeria, Ghana and India before he relocating to Los Angeles in 2010. Jason hoped the move to LA would further his career in the film industry, in the last 12 months Jason has collaborated with and promoted various music artists, he has now directed and produced over 100 music videos, 40 short films and documentaries, seven commercials and one TV Pilot.

Since his African Oscar success, Jay has seen his début short film The Successor of Katunga winning rave reviews on the independent film and festival circuits. The film was screened at the iconic Warner Bros. Studios, Hollywood in January of this year.

Jay Mo said, “It is a tremendous honor to receive an African Oscar for my work on America The Dream. It was an incredible project to work on, alongside John Chuka and the rest of the team. I’m delighted to be the first recipient of the award of British Indian descent.”

On his official website, Jay Mo is described as a songwriter, singer, rapper, musician and award-winning film-maker.

He is excited to be working on a several new projects, these include new musical scores and films. You can keep up with his current work and get in touch with Jay Mo by following him on Twitter, visiting or liking the Jay Mo Productions Facebook page.