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British Columbia's Underwriters Insurance Joins Westland Insurance Group

Merger will result in improved service for loyal Underwriters Insurance clients thanks to greater resources and scale of 62-office Westland, Underwriters Insurance reports


Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2016 -- Underwriters Insurance, one of the province's leading full-service insurance agencies, has become part of the Westland Insurance Group. The acquisition by Westland, an insurance company with 62 offices in British Columbia, will give Underwriters Insurance clients the benefits of greater scale while preserving the personal, attentive service that the company has become known for. Founded in 1980, Westland Insurance Group is one of Canada's most successful business, auto, and home insurance companies.

"We're proud to announce that Underwriters Insurance is now a member of the Westland Insurance Group," representative Cory Ladner said, "Our offices in Vancouver and Kamloops are still staffed by the same experienced, caring professionals as before, so our clients can count on receiving the same quality of service they have come to appreciate so much. The merger will give us the ability to offer even better claims support and agent availability, along with more generous underwriting capacity, so our loyal customers are going to benefit greatly."

With a strong focus on building client relationships that allowed brokers to better understand the real needs and goals of clients, Underwriters Insurance quickly became one of British Columbia's most highly regarded insurance agencies. Offices in Vancouver and Kamloops served clients in those cities and surrounding areas, with agents working closely with individual and commercial clients to find the most satisfying possible solutions to their insurance needs.

By joining the Westland Insurance Group, Underwriters Insurance Brokers will become able to provide even more capable service to clients. With a just-increased total of 62 offices spread throughout British Columbia, Westland Insurance Group is one of the province's largest and best-backed companies of its kind. The greater scale of the Westland organization means that Underwriters Insurance clients can now expect even more effective and responsive claims support, along with new insurance opportunities and improved access to agents and other sources of advice and assistance.

At the same time, the personal, involved service that Underwriters Insurance has always offered will remain a key feature of the company as it joins Westland. The same Underwriters Insurance staff members who have built up productive relationships with so many clients will remain in place at the same office locations in Vancouver and Kamloops. By giving these much-appreciated insurance experts access to the far greater resources of the Westland Insurance Group, the merger will result in even better service for Underwriters Insurance clients.

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Underwriters Insurance is one of British Columbia's top insurance brokerages, providing personal, informed advice about home, property, auto, and business insurance to clients in Vancouver, Kamloops, and nearby areas.