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British Smokers Are Being Urged by Their Government to Switch to Vaping


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/24/2015 -- Finally, a common sense decision in the world of vaping regulation, and one by a country that American leaders "look up to." While the FDA is busy contemplating a slew of new rules, including "deemer" regulations that will eviscerate the United States' burgeoning vapor industry, officials across the pond are actually READING the studies that vapor advocates are always yammering on about.

The British government will begin to immediately recommend its smoking citizens switch to vaping, and urge vaping as the primary means of smoking cessation. This comes on the heels of a study funded by the British government that confirms vaping is orders of magnitude safer than cigarette smoking. The actual test results, published in a report by Public Health England, Kings College London, and Queen Mary London, finds that vaping carries only 5% of the risk of cigarettes. In other words, vapor devices are 95% safer than traditional cigarettes, and as such, the British government is urging its smoking citizens to switch to vaping.

The study estimates that if every British smoker switched to vaping, 75,000 lives per year could be saved. The study concludes by stating that the dual British goals of (1) reducing harm, illness and loss of life from smoking; and (2) creating the first smoke free generation in the United Kingdom by 2025, are well served by urging smokers to vape instead.

This policy shift echoes the sentiment of the vaping advocates in the United States and abroad, and uses the scientific evidence to make rational decisions. As such, future regulations in Great Britain can now focus on making the actual e-liquids as safe and pure as possible, and with making sure bottles are childproof and otherwise meet consumer safety standards.

United States' residents can only hope that the American governmental and public health counterparts are paying attention (although judging by the potential vaping regulations on the horizon from the FDA, California, and other municipalities that are banning vaping without regard to the evidence of its safety, this hope seems unfounded at this time.)

The United States needs to take a reasonable approach to the pending regulations and not regulate the next generation of smoking Americans to die horrible smoking related deaths. America, like Great Britain, should embrace the goals of reducing harm and loss of human life; and creating a smoke free generation by 2025, as the next major milestones in eradicating the perils and deaths caused by cigarette smoke. The way to achieve this goal is to support and promote the use of electronic cigarettes, as a 95% safer alternative to smoking.

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