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Britney Spears Teaches Business Owners Lessons in Rebranding

Mod Girl Marketing demonstrates how businesses can learn from Britney Spears’ recent come back by following her rebranding strategies to create a better image.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- Britney Spears is showing a different side of herself lately. Fresh, relatable lyrics from her new album Britney Jean, and significant reduction in public displays of crazy have even gotten the attention of Planet Hollywood who has booked her for a 100 show residency. It’s been a long road for Britney since her Mickey Mouse Club days. Through broken marriages, drug use, meltdowns, court battles, and a negative public image she is once again on top. Like many businesses, she had to work to stay relevant by focusing on her core strengths and rebranding herself.

In their latest blog post, Mod Girl Marketing demonstrates that business owners who feel in a rut or that their digital marketing presence is lacking can learn a lot from this blonde superstar.

Like Britney, businesses suffering from an image problem need to stop what they are doing, consult a professional team, build afresh, and return with a vastly improved brand image. In today’s digital society, that means building a strong, relevant, online presence.

In a survey from Online Marketing Institute, it was concluded that a majority of companies feel their digital marketing presence is not up to par with modern technology. Although the enterprises surveyed ranked digital marketing very important only 8% claimed to have teams strong in all digital marketing areas.

This survey shows the need for specialists in the field of digital marketing is on the rise. Large and small enterprises alike need skilled digital marketers with experience to help them incorporate more ideas, reach outside their comfort zone, and create a brand image that attracts their target audience.

Professional branding firms such as Mod Girl Marketing can “provide an objective, yet knowledgeable, opinion that can guide a company to greater success,” says Mandy McEwen, owner of Mod Girl Marketing.

Through well-calculated moves and a stellar online presence, it is possible to build a brand that stands on its own two feet and captures a larger market share.

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