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BroadbandDeals.org.uk Launches Newly Re-Designed Website


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2012 -- BroadbandDeals.org.uk, a website that is updated every day with the most current broadband discounts, has just launched its completely new site.

The recent re-design and functionality improvements make finding the best broadband deals even easier. The new deals system helps consumers across the UK save money by viewing the latest broadband offers and discounts sorted by provider, network or type of service they're looking for.

In addition, the website also now features new deal breakdown sections that provide visitors with the latest offers and discounts “at a glance” for a wide range of broadband service types including mobile broadband, home broadband , business broadband, or as part of a TV and home phone bundle.

“We know that finding the best broadband package can be a daunting prospect,” an article noted on the website, www.broadbanddeals.org.uk , adding that with so many providers, bundles and packages to choose from it can be tricky for people to find the best option that's right for them.

“If you're not happy with the broadband service you're receiving from your current provider, or perhaps you've recently performed a broadband speed test and the speeds didn't match the service you're paying - help is at hand!”

People across the UK who are interested in saving money on broadband are welcome to visit BroadbandDeals.org.uk at any time and browse through the current deals. The home page features the latest offers and discounts and includes in-depth explanations of the various deals and what is required of customers in order to qualify for them.

For example, the homepage is currently featuring a deal that gives people a free £50 Sainsbury’s Gift Card with BT Infinity Broadband Packages. Customers who sign up online to any of BT’s three Infinity broadband bundles will be eligible for the free voucher. Existing BT broadband customers may also qualify for the offers by re-contracting to a BT infinity package online. As the deal information on BroadbandDeals.org.uk noted, BT currently offers three different types of bundles, including discounted monthly pricing for the first three months. For example, the BT Infinity package includes up to 38Mb download speed and up to 9.5Mb upload speed, 40GB in monthly usage allowance, evening and weekend calls included, and a free connection for £9 a month for the first 3 months, and then £18 a month thereafter, plus a £25 activation charge.

About BroadbandDeals.org.uk
BroadbandDeals.org.uk is updated daily with the latest broadband discounts, voucher codes and special offers from the leading broadband providers and networks in the United Kingdom. Whether people are looking to save money on their existing broadband bill or just looking for the cheapest provider, the site can definitely help find the cheapest deals online. For more information, please visit http://www.broadbanddeals.org.uk