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Broadcasting Live Sports Announces Expanded Coverage of Streaming Services

Site now covers every commonly televised sport, offers enhanced, revised guides


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2014 -- Broadcasting Live Sports, the preeminent online destination for those seeking information regarding streamed sporting events, announced that it has expanded its regular coverage to incorporate a number of additional sports. The site now lists streaming solutions for every regularly televised sport in the world, including such relatively obscure ones as indoor cricket and field hockey. In addition, it has focused increased effort on its already industry-leading program listings of major sports streaming services and created new guides designed to help visitors make use of these services.

"Ever since we launched we've been steadily attracting new guests," spokesman Andrew Norman said, "and we're now positioned to serve every conceivable sort of sports fan who would like to watch games online.” Broadcasting Live Sports offers easy-to-follow instructions which can help sports fans get set up with a variety of sports streaming services, many of them available free of charge. It includes links to all of the software necessary for watching games and matches on a variety of platforms, including mobile devices running Apple's iOS or Google's Android operating systems.

As more viewers cancel their traditional cable contracts while turning toward online entertainment options, the ability to watch sports online has become of wider interest. While the switch-over can involve a bit of preparation, most viewers come to find that online streaming of sports is more than satisfactory, with many preferring it in the end to traditional cable access. In fact, online streaming can allow viewers to watch games and matches that would otherwise be inaccessible to them, either because of local blackout agreements or country-based geographical restrictions.

While some of the services cataloged and pointed out at the site require registration or fees for usage, others are completely free and open to all. Visitors seeking out a Tennis Channel live stream, for example, may be presented with a curated list of twenty or more options, any of which is likely to provide high quality, reliable video to viewers anywhere in the world. The site's operators also make sure to point out which of these services are easiest to use, ensuring that visitors will have the smoothest possible path toward gaining access to their desired streams.

"We're closely attuned to our visitors' desires," Norman continued, "and will continue to expand and enhance our service to better serve them." Many of those visiting for the first time arrive looking for an MLB live stream, and its indexes of services providing these are among the site's most popular. Its expanded listings means that the site will now be able to serve fans of even less-viewed sports to an improved degree, which is likely to make it even more useful to sports enthusiasts.

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