Brody McHugh Launches Crowdfunding Campaign via Kickstarter for Gem Genie

When it comes to jewelry storage, Gem Genie Insures no more tangles and no more hunting. Gem Genie saves ladies time and stress when they are trying to get out the door!


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- Brody was at the end of her rope when it came to storing and packing her jewelry. Scrambling through a tangled, tied up collection of chains and bracelets wasn’t fun when she needed to get ready and out the door fast. She wanted to be able to see all of her jewelry all at once so she didn’t have to hunt for the jewelry she wanted and not overlook something beautiful and beloved that used to get lost in opaque bags and boxes. Like all of us, she wanted to make the most of the space on hand – either in her closet or her luggage when traveling.

Her mantra was, and indeed is, to keep things simple. The more she considered the many steps women have to take to get out the door, the more inspired she became to help. Like most perfectionists with an ever-critical eye on detail, she didn’t want to launch Gem Genie until she was totally satisfied with every aspect of design and was totally proud of her creation. In a world where taking short cuts is so common, Brody took her time to make sure the Gem Genie was exactly what she envisioned and would have quality manufacturing. Over the years, she’s used various iterations of Gem Genie prototypes until she was satisfied.

Without having to untangle or hunt for any desired piece of jewelry, time will be saved and stress minimized. Gem Genie’s re-closable ring keeps everything neat and organized so all a busy lady needs to do is flip through her jewelry to find what she needs. Packing with Gem Genie is a snap because no one has to contend with tiny snaps and zippers or with transferring jewelry from one bag or box to another. Just slip Gem Genie bags on or off the re-closable ring and take as much or as little jewelry as needed with no extra bulk. With Gem Genie it's easier than ever for a woman to enjoy all of the jewelry she owns and loves without a chance of a special piece being tangled or forgotten as it lies buried under a pile of other baubles or in an opaque bag or box.

This crowdfunding project ends on November 20, 2014.

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