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Broken Cell Pine Pollen Powder Market : Global Snapshot by 2025

Broken cell pine pollen powder is derived by processing of male spores of pine trees using a low temperature and high speed air flow.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2017 -- The broken cell pine pollen powder is segmented on the basis of nature of product, application and by region. On the basis of nature of product broken cell pine pollen powder is segmented as organic and conventional powders. The organic broken cell pine pollen powder is expected to gain importance among health conscious consumer and consequently act as a driver for the broken cell pine pollen powder market growth.

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Broken cell pine pollen powder is segmented on the basis of end use application which includes health supplements and food and beverages. The health supplement is sub segmented into powders, tablets, capsules and others (tinctures, elixirs etc.). The proven health benefits of pine pollen powder has led to increased demand in the food and beverages which is anticipated to attain a sustainable growth during the forecast period.

This powder comprises of essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins and variety of enzymes making pine pollen a natural superfood. Pine pollen powder provides an array of benefits including stimulating endocrine system, used as tonic for lungs, kidneys, liver, heart and spleen. Pine pollen is gaining recognition among gymers due to natural steroids found in it, which include testosterone, androstenedione, androsterone, androstenedione, DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone). The powder is further used in variety of preparations including powder capsules, tables, tincture and elixirs. The use in food and beverages as an additive is also gaining favorable acceptance among health conscious consumers. The market growth of the pine pollen powder is expected to see an upsurge in the foreseeable future attributed to its nutritional benefits and increasing consumer awareness.

A wide variety of Pinus species are scattered over the globe and the key regions associate with the pine pollen market include North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe and The Middle East. China's is steadily increasing its production and is being referred as one of the major producers of pine pollen powder. Countries such as Cuba and Mexico in Latin America is accounting for a fair share in exports as well. The greater demand of pine pollen arising from Europe and North American region is expected to be the major driver for market growth during the forecast period.

Innovation and anticipating consumer needs and wants are the key factors enables to sustain in the market. This superfood is gaining an increasing demand among people looking to gain weight and building muscle mass. Though there are various well established products catering to this need, broken pine pollen powder apart from being pure and organic in nature, offers additional health benefits such as immune strengthening, improving lungs, kidneys, liver, spleen health and many more and hence is expected to drive the market growth of pine pollen powder in the near future. Pine pollen powder is further being used as food additive in many preparations like additive to flour, fruit juice additive, heath drinks etc.

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Manufacturers are making use of pine pollen powder worldwide, acorn, pine pollen noodles in South Korea serving as a diabetic health food and pine pollen tea and coffee in China as an energizing beverage. The benefits of pine pollen has already been established over the internet which has created demand for more products containing pine pollen. This demand is expected to drive growth of pine pollen powder during the forecast period.

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Manufacturers are keen on improving the processing capacities to meet the demands and gain a significant market share over the forecast period. Some of the players contributing to the global broken cell pine pollen powder market includes; Xian TCM Adaptogen Bio-tech Co., Ltd., Hunan Nutramax Inc. SurThrival, LLC., Xi'an Hao-xuan Bio-tech Co., Ltd., Woodland Essence Llc., Hybrid Herbs ltd., among others.