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Broken Headbone by Ginny McMath Now Available on Amazon


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2013 -- What does one do when their partner of many years simply walks out the door, out of the relationship? It is quite a blow and what has to be done to cope? Ginny McMath’s first book, Broken Headbone is a hilarious, thought provoking journey of six women taking life by the balls when their husbands walked out with theirs. In her new women's fiction book Ginny McMath has decided to share with her readers the humorous side of what seems to be all gloom and doom through her unique divorce humor and relationship humor. There are moments when a person going through a divorce or the end of a relationship seems to think that they are facing the end of their life as they once knew it and at such a time proper divorce healing is crucial. A good laugh and humor is one of the best remedies to turn the gloom into glee. The book Broken Headbone has been written as a funny and useful divorce self-help read that plows through women’s brains with divorce humor which will help them find their way back to themselves.

This book revolves around the post-divorce healing process of six women;  Penny, Aakifa, Virginia, Elly, Jane and Sam, who are all getting the hang of the new found freedom and some setbacks after their marriages end. During the process of healing and finding themselves, some real “Laugh Out Loud” moments arise that will have the reader see the humor in their own situations as well.  Broken Headbone’s chapters have been creatively divided into the 5 stages of dealing with grief and each character of the book has her own way of going about the different stages. Through the inclusion of the six different personalities, characters and stories, the writer Ginny McMath has ingeniously covered a wider base of problems and types of women out there. The manner in which the book has been written will allow readers to relate to the stories and the distinctive journeys within.

The writer of this book, Ginny McMath was born in The Eastern Shore of Virginia and is an American actress, writer, comedienne, singer, artist, and voice over personality, best known for her TV work. "Broken Headbone" is her first book, soon to be turned into a play. Through her book, Ginny is able to provide a new and unique outlook towards divorce and self-help writing, this is her way of helping others deal with the stress of divorce and a better way to cope.  The Kindle and paperback version of Broken Headbone is available for $3.99 and $7.99 on Amazon: . Partial Proceeds from this book will go to Breast Cancer research.

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