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Broker Arbitrage Released - A Breakthrough for Traders


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2014 -- Broker Arbitrage Software has been developed by Mark Reid. According to Mark Reid, Broker Arbitrage Software is one of the easiest and fastest wealth building systems ever created. This is what Mark Reid says: “Have you ever heard of arbitrage trading? If not, it is a trading strategy where a currency (or investment) is bought or sold based on two different broker price feeds. It exploits differences in the price from each feed and profits from those discrepancies. My system is an arbitrage trader. But here’s the thing. My system is not like other arbitrage traders. Most of them tend to fail and fail miserably. Most arbitrage systems work perfect on demo accounts, but when you switch them to live, it’s an absolute failure.”

In order to prove his point, he has provided 3rd party verified trading account statement posted on myfxbook. Average daily gain made by his system is 8.75% and the average monthly gain has been 1117.75%. In March 2014, this system made a gain of 429.74%. In April it made a gain of 1928.06% and in May it made a gain of 339.56%.


About Mark Reid
Mark Reid was a high school maths teacher. He started trading forex in 2008 and soon was earning a full time income as a forex trader. So he quit his maths teaching job and focused solely on developing new trading strategies. His goal was to develop an automated system for arbitrage trading. After a few years of hard work, he was able to perfect his Broker Arbitrage System. He is giving full 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee to anyone interested in testing his Broker Arbitrage System. Mark has provided a step by step manual that explains everything about his system and also provided installation setup videos also that shows how to install the software on the MT4.

About Broker Arbitrage
Broker Arbitrage is a trading tool developed by Mark Reid. It helps individuals to trade in foreign exchange market in less time.