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San Diego Real Estate 2013 May See Some Gains


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2013 -- Making real estate predictions is a tough task because several factors including taxes and the periodical changes in them may impact the industry. But, Bob Schwartz of, a licensed real estate broker of California with 30 years of experience seems to have traveled the extra distance to present the San Diego real estate 2013 outlook. But, the predictions he makes may perhaps apply to the situation of the entire nation because since 2005, his predictions have been accurate.

He says that during 2012, the changes, more specifically, the improvements in the real estate in San Diego have been slow and steady, with the low-price residential segment being the hottest. Further, the inventory in the San Diego residential market has been tight, he observes. He further points that decent-looking entry-priced homes that are put on the San Diego market are currently generating multiple offers during the first week itself. He then finally adds that the mortgage rates are also hovering around 3.5% and so, all these factors may positively influence the real estate in San Diego in 2013.

Next on his San Diego Real Estate 2013 outlook come the negative factors. Though the contours of the fiscal announcements are not yet clear, the write off of the mortgage rates of interest is certain to become a memory of the past because it may likely be withdrawn gradually or the write off of the rates may be linked to the income of the individual homeowners, asserts Bob Schwartz.

The second factor as elucidated by Bob, is that Democrats have a majority in California legislature and there is a lot of talk on increasing the taxes of the residents. Though California ranks first in the list of high tax-levying states, it has not done much on cutting back on its spending programs, says Bob.

The next negative factor according to him is the cap and tax program that comes into effect from January 2013 in California. This program may help only the neighboring states, opines Bob. This means the state will be losing both people and jobs and ultimately, a good demand for high-cost housing may go missing. Since disposable income of people may reduce due to this tax program, their mortgage qualification may get a beating also, laments Bob.

But, Bob, even after his well-rounded research, does not see complete red because according to him, the positive factors will wield more influence than the negative ones. So, he predicts a modest improvement in his San Diego real estate 2013 outlook.

Bob Schwartz of has been making accurate predictions about San Diego and California real estate since 2005. His predictions about this sector in the whole nation have also been coming true. His San Diego Real Estate 2013 Outlook is the outcome of his comprehensive research