Brooklyn Public Library Implements and Utilizes Fanggle's Multi-Pronged Messaging System (FanggleCast) for Sending Emergency Information to Staff During Superstorm Sandy


Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2012 -- Fanggle, a Southern California based Vertical Cloud Platform company, successfully deployed its FanggleCast Messaging Service for partner Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) of Brooklyn, New York, allowing the library to send out emergency messages during Superstorm Sandy.

The system enables multi-channel communication over Email, SMS, IVR, Facebook, Twitter, and RSS. In Brooklyn’s case, Email and SMS channels were utilized for emergency notification.

“With Fanggle’s quick response we were able to launch the emergency notification system, despite a rushed schedule, and beat out the arrival of the storm. This afforded us some peace-of-mind during the fearful experience of weathering the storm,” said Donnell Perkins of BPL.

BPL used the system to reach out to staff and notify them of updates on the storm, library hours, and state of the library facilities. Fanggle’s West Coast and international staff remained on-call to assist with setting up and monitoring BPL’s messaging campaigns throughout the storm.

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