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Brooksfield School Reports 82 Percent of Public Schools Are Failing Children

Brooksfield School presents a new approach to learning, one that is founded on the Montessori method while taking it to the next level


McLean, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/13/2014 -- According to Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan, 82 percent of public schools fail in their primary goal of educating children. Experts believe this is due in large part to the fact that, thanks to the No Child Left Behind Act, school cannot take into account their unique racial and income level makeup. Brooksfield School solves this problem, by treating each child as unique and nurturing their individual gifts.

"Children deserve the best when it comes to their education, yet public schools aren't providing what they want and need. Brooksfield School provides an enthusiastic and positive attitude and treats each child as an individual, while encouraging teamwork. Nature remains the teacher and the guide at all times, and all at the school treasure the wonder and magic of life," Sarah Krawchuck, school spokesperson, declares.

Mary Anne Duffus founded Brooksfield School with the purpose of offering a Montessori curriculum that allows children to learn through discovery, taking full advantage of the arts and the great outdoors. Children participate in exciting opportunities and adventures to foster their individual thinking skills, risk taking, imagination, self-confidence and more. Children attending the school find they have more respect for themselves, others around them, and the environment, and all leave with a love of learning that will help carry them through life.

"Each child comes with their own unique talents and gifts. Educators at the school strive to help the child find the wonder within themselves. Opportunities are presented each day that allow children to reach their full potential, while still allowing them to be children. Stimulating experiences, self-discovery and mutual friendships allow for more learning, and Brooksfield school encourages this at all times," Krawchuck continues. To learn more, visit

Brooksfield School opened its doors on November 2, 1987, with the goal being to provide children with a safe place, one where they can express themselves in creative ways, while ensuring they are exposed to a challenging academic curriculum, one that is both exciting and dynamic. The school wished to introduce children to the Montessori approach, while allowing them to have time for creativity and imaginative play. For more information on the founder and current leaders of the school, be sure to check out

"Parents concerned about their child's education need to look to Brooksfield School to see how it differs from public schools and traditional private schools. As a parent, one cannot hope that their child is in one of the 18 percent of schools that are succeeding in providing the education children need. Brooksfield School fills the gaps and provides children with the education they need to have a happy and productive life," Krawchuck proclaims.

About Brooksfield School
Brooksfield School believes learning should be an adventure, and offers a unique pre-K through fourth grade Montessori education, one where students become friends for life. A love of knowledge, manners, and civility continue to be taught at this school, one where the best of yesterday and today are combined at all times. All learning focuses on the child, with the school's trademark being reassuring words, constructive feedback, and a positive tone. Teachers encourage courtesy and grace along with respect for others, compassion for all, and peaceful resolutions to problems.