Brothers Brett & Mitchell Magdovitz Look to Start the 'Bronut Revolution' with Funding Support via Indiegogo

Growing up in a small, German town, the grandsons of a baker have big dreams of making little treats.


Boulder, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2014 -- Brett and Mitchell seem to have been born with a genetic predisposition for the procurement, creation, and consumption of quality confections. Inspired from their bellies and their keen senses of taste, texture, and smell, the Brothers bravely set out to make truly great doughnuts.

After valiant persistence through daunting challenges and exciting discoveries, something extraordinary emerged that led them to re-imagine what doughnuts could be. The result was oversized, baked and filled doughnut balls that were a hybrid of yeast-raised and cake doughnuts.

These original, classic Bronuts offer full gluten, full dairy, full sugar, and full deliciousness through an exciting medley of flavor combinations, including:
- Bacon Balls™: bacon creme filling with maple glaze
- Buzz Balls™: coffee creme filling with coffee glaze rolled in cocoa powder
- Bleu Balls™: bleu cheese/blueberry creme filling with blueberry glaze
- Monkey Balls™: banana creme filling with chocolate glaze
- Chocolate Salty Balls: salted caramel creme filling with chocolate glaze
- Cue Balls: marshmallow filling with white chocolate glaze
- ...and many more!

Bronuts also offers a non-gluten/vegan option with fall spices and a maple glaze. And none of their products contain unnatural dough conditioners, stabilizers, emulsifier, or preservatives.

Brett and Mitchell need $25,000 (or more please) to acquire their very 1st Bronuts mobile bakery. They hope this will be the first of the revolution rolls on. $25,000 will finance the trailer and the major equipment, all of which will require a down payment.

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