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Brothers Jewelry Customizes Engagement Rings and More in Philadelphia Shop


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2015 -- Now, more than ever, customized wedding jewelry is all the rage. Computer-aided design, the most advanced design technology available, has made it possible for couples and jewelry designers to collaborate on designs that are personalized down to the finest details. At Brothers Jewelry of Philadelphia, couples can work with expert, GIA-certified designers to craft one-of-a-kind pieces, from diamond engagement rings to a host of other fine jewelry.

Brothers Jewelry uses computer-aided design to craft unique, fine jewelry in their Philadelphia shop. Far from deploying the big-box store model of stocking hundreds of replicas of the same design, Brothers Jewelry takes a more personalized approach. The shop does not outsource any of its work, and all jewelry creation is performed in the same shop where it is designed.

The designers at Brothers Jewelry have decades of experience in creating customized jewelry, from wedding jewelry sets to one-off pieces for special occasions and everyday wear. Customers are welcome to bring in their most deeply desired designs to Brothers Jewelry, whether simple or elaborate. Their designers will work with the customer to craft pieces that exactly reflect their tastes, as well as their practical needs and budgets. With a wide range of metals, gems and embellishments at their disposal, the designers at Brothers Jewelry can satisfy even the most exacting customer.

In addition to creating custom jewelry, Brothers Jewelry also repairs and upgrades pieces in need of a touch-up. Customers can trust Brothers Jewelry with fine pieces and heirloom jewels that have suffered accidental damage or ordinary wear and tear. These pieces will be restored or redesigned according to the customer's wishes.

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About Brothers Jewelry
For 32 years, Brothers Jewelry has been Philadelphia's number one destination for custom made jewelry. From consultation to creation, Brothers Jewelry designs and makes its pieces in-house using CAD software. They also offer professional jewelry repair, appraisal and re-design services. To learn more about their personalized fine jewelry, visit Brothers Jewelry at 137 South 8th Street, Philadelphia or at their retail store, Olympic Jewelers in Bryn Mawr, PA.

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