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Browz Eyeware Eyecare Offers the TearLab Test for Dependable Diagnosis of Dry Eye Disease


Airdrie, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2017 -- A healthy tear film is essential for clear and comfortable vision. Without the right quantity or composition of tears, discomfort or pain may result – in addition to blurry vision and eye strain. The professional, experienced team of optometrists at Browz Eyeware now uses the TearLab Osmolarity System, a new and advanced optometric technology, to diagnose Dry Eye Disease with ultimate accuracy. Patients who suffer from dry eyes will appreciate the comfort and efficiency of the TearLab test, performed in their Airdrie and Panorama Hills, Calgary offices.

Dry Eye Disease is one of the most common eye conditions, yet all patients do not experience identical symptoms. Some individuals describe soreness or a burning sensation in their eyes, while others speak of constantly rubbing their eyes to remove the gritty feeling under their eyelids. A comprehensive eye exam may uncover ocular inflammation or rapid breakup of the tear film, yet these signs are not always present in every patient with dry eyes. Without the TearLab test, a firm diagnosis of Dry Eye Syndrome can therefore be challenging.

How does TearLab work? One symptom that is shared by all patients with dry eyes is hyperosmolarity, defined simply as overly salty tears. At Browz Eyecare's practices in Airdrie and Panorama Hills, Calgary, each patient's tear osmolarity is analyzed to inspect for dry eyes. Only a tiny sample of tears must be taken, and this is done painlessly and quickly. Analysis by the TearLab system offers an objective, precise method for confirming that a patient's irritating symptoms are truly caused by dry eyes. Across the board of eye care experts, this technology is currently regarded as the gold standard for diagnosing Dry Eye Syndrome.

When patients report symptoms of stinging, tired eyes, blurred vision, difficulty wearing contact lenses, a scratchy sensation or sensitivity to light, there are a number of ocular conditions that may be to blame. Environmental conditions, allergies or computer vision are all possible culprits. Yet with the TearLab test, a diagnosis of dry eyes can be made instantly, which allows the most appropriate treatment to be started as soon as possible. Although dry eyes are not dangerous, hyperosmolarity may cause damage to the ocular surface cells over time. Early treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome therefore goes far towards promoting healthy vision and an optimal quality of life.

At Browz Eyeware, in Airdrie and Panorama Hills, Calgary, patients are able to benefit from a rapid, precise diagnosis of dry eyes, as well as helpful treatment to alleviate their symptoms.