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Bruce Carnahan Explains Is Religion an Invention of Man?


Menlo Park, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2014 -- Down through the ages, millions have been slaughtered in the name of religion. Some even claim they slaughtered in the name of God. Ironic that in the name of a tolerant and merciful God, man has slain man because of his intolerance and lack of mercy for the other man’s beliefs and perceptions about that same God. The question is, does all this bloodbath really have anything to do with God? Or is it more about man’s use of the concept of God to control other men in their own thirst for power?

With a little consideration, it becomes clear that religion is really an invention of man. How many variations of religion are there? All customized for a particular local culture or ethnic group or time period. And although it is claimed that God has instituted the laws for a religion, why is it that those laws vary from place to place? If they come from the same God, wouldn’t they be the same? And if the laws are for all men, why are some men separated out and lifted up as more capable of understanding the laws and interpreting them than others? And why are some men allowed, even expected, to make sure those laws are enforced. What made them the policemen of God? Was that God’s idea? Maybe it all boils down to power.

God is above and beyond religion, but unfortunately religion, in many cases, comes before God. Man has a need to know that there is the security of Something in the midst of an insecure world, some Perfection they can look up to, Something that is always victorious they can praise. In their desire to win the favor of this higher power, men have most often fallen prey to those who would devise a foolproof “system”, aka religion, to achieve a surefire, successful relationship with this…Something…this…Higher Power. Thus, religion has become a tool of man to control other men.

So if another civilization, let’s say one of extraterrestrial origin, wanted to control and manipulate men for their own purposes, why wouldn’t they use one of the most surefire, tried and true methods…religion? This is only one of the shattering revelations made to Tom Nolan, the main character in the new work of fiction by Bruce Carnahan, The HARVEST of PLANET EARTH.

Nolan is a city boy whose aspiration of escaping to the innocence of small town America is forever lost one night on a secluded country road, when a frightening encounter with an “other worldly” stranger reveals explosive evidence that shatters every belief he ever had. Is this mysterious stranger just another angel in a long line of angelic messengers?

Tom’s perspective, like the reader’s, is catastrophically altered before he is finally released. The HARVEST of PLANET EARTH follows the story of the horrific ordeal of Tom Nolan, who is involuntarily recruited one peaceful evening as he and his friend, Rube DiAngelo,

Is Religion an Invention of Man/HARVEST of PLANET EARTH/Carnahan/CONT--

are just knocking around the countryside in an old pickup truck and manage to bump into a UFO. Of course, true or not, there are possibly thousands of accounts out there of alien abduction. But this is the story of one such abduction that ends with a terrifying revelation: the reason extraterrestrials visit this planet and what they want.

Omagine Nolan’s frightful shock as he discovers another version of the origin of the human race, why they have been put here on this planet, the secret behind angels and their earthly visits, and what may be in store next. What if these visitations by angels were ultimately meant to lead to the end of the world, but in such an ominous way that no one could ever predict? For instance, what if the end of the world really isn’t the end of the world, but a monstrous new beginning? And what if the Rapture so revered by so many Christians is not so rapturous? Experience Nolan’s resistance as he is forcibly recruited to help carry out this foreboding plan.

If anyone has ever been fascinated by angels, alien abductions, religion, the Rapture or reincarnation…they owe it to themselves to find out how all these are tied together in one unexpected, sinister plot in this explosive new work of fiction by Bruce Carnahan, The HARVEST of PLANET EARTH.

To learn more, visit the book’s facebook page (don’t forget to “like” it) which features an impressive video trailer: Paperback and kindle versions are available on Available in ebook only at Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony Reader Store, Kobo, Smashwords, Flipkart, Oyster, the Diesel eBook Store and Baker & Taylor.

About Bruce Carnahan
Bruce Carnahan is a writer who has written feature articles appearing in multiple newspapers, screenplays and sitcom episodes. This is his second book. He has also driven 18 wheelers cross country and been a minister, door to door salesman, puppeteer and actor.