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Brush in Style Publishes New Best Buy Table for Top Five Electric Toothbrushes of All Time has departed from the traditional ‘best of the year’ format to produce a guide to the best electric toothbrushes of all time, with five fantastic models from the past few years.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2015 -- Cleaning our teeth is more than just a necessity, it is an opportunity to protect and perfect our smile, one of the most disarming and engaging tools in our social repertoire. Having a beautiful smile can help people feel more confident and outgoing, and more assured when in company, which means having the right toothbrush can have a profound effect on broader life. Brush In Style understands this, and has published a new editorial featuring the all-time five best electric toothbrushes available today across distinct categories.

Posted to Brushinstyle's Facebook Fan Page, the new guide offers a league table of five of the all time best electric toothbrushes as evaluated in 2015, with five categories including budget friendly, value for money, editors choice, hygiene tracking, and showcase model. The brands winning in these fields include Philips and Oral B, with multiple models competing.

Each winner is shown with a link to the full review of the product, a guide as to how expensive each is, and a star-rating meter to show how the product was originally received by both the writers at Brush in Style and feedback drawn from real user experiences.

A spokesperson for Brush In Style explained, "We created five different winning categories because we wanted to make sure everyone could find the right product for them in all circumstances. Whether people wanted the very best of the best on the cutting edge of technology, or whether they wanted a simple budget model that was nonetheless the most effective in the price range, they can find what they're looking for in our new article, as well as the editor's choice which presents the overall favorite of our professional staff. We hope this best of list helps ensure more people have brighter smiles than ever before."

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