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Brushwood Media Group Is Proud to Announce the Signing of Song and Music Rapper, SnoodLovah


Savannah, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2015 -- Brushwood Media Group is proud to announce the signing of Song and Music Rapper, Crystal Becote, a.k.a. "SnoodLovah".  She is a talented young lady that has been using her skills from an early age of 7. Unlike some, she writes her music to reach all ages and addresses various topics that all can relate to. In addition to her music career, SnoodLovah has begun her acting and modeling path to compliment her first love of rapping. SnoodLovah started out doing school plays and sang in chorus. She states that this gave her an early insight to the career path she wanted to take.

SnoodLovah is very active in her community and charity organizations such as in "Children in Need" with a special focus on "Breast Cancer Awareness" as she has family members affected.  SnoodLovah is a firm believer in giving back to her community.  Her most memorable quote is, "Encourage the Youth to have Courage".

SnoodLovah is an avid music fan and when asked who her major influence was, she noted "Jay Z". She continued to indicate that she enjoyed Jay Z's style of music and the way his songs were from the heart. "We could all learn a lot from his life", she added.

As many artists, SnoodLovah is known for her fast paced lifestyle but takes the time for her family and friends.  She also admonishes that education is extremely important no matter what profession you are going in. SnoodLovah has just been offered several national endorsement commercials and has an upcoming Reality Show offer.

"Often we get talent that just does their work only for the compensation, but it is rare to find such a young lady that performs from the heart and soul. Ms. Becote relates to the audience through her compassion. It is a pleasure to work with her as we believe her talent will mesmerize all who will listen to her music", says Jacob Daniel, Talent Director of Brushwood Media Group, Inc.

Media Contact:
Jacob Daniel
Brushwood Media Group, Inc.
1 Diamond Causeway, Suite 21, Savannah, GA  31406