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Brutal 2014-15 Winter Forecast Ensures UK Consumers Benefit from Top Up Fuels Tank Monitoring


Surrey, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2014 -- Top Up Fuels is a noted home heating oil company serving the UK domestic market. The company offers consumers a service that uses a ground breaking technological advance which allows for continuous tank monitoring. This service ensures that customers never need fear being left without the fuel that they need to keep warm during an outbreak of severe winter weather. This service is expected to be especially beneficial to consumers this winter, as current forecasts from Electra Weather state that conditions indicate a high probability for one of the coldest winters on record in the UK. The UK forecast for the winter of 2014-15 currently predicts record snowfall, fog and temperatures plunging to -27C (-17F) for extended periods of time.  Running out of home heating oil during such conditions could be potentially catastrophic to both property and life.

Top Up Fuels has been in business for over a decade, with the company's founder and CEO, Dennis Woods, being named as a finalist for the prestigious Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2003. Woods' nomination for the award was a direct result of his innovative "top up" payment schema which was the first to overturn over 50 years of traditional home heating oil pricing.

The company uses its proprietary fuel tank monitoring system to electronically monitor the level of fuel in a customer's tank and automatically send status updates directly to Top Up Fuels via the Internet, Broadband, Telephone Lines or even GPS. This allows deliveries to be scheduled weeks or months in advance which lowers the company's operating costs and helps to ensure that the customer never runs out of fuel.  The company also bases their prices on a fixed margin that utlises the daily International price of Kerosene and Gas Oil so that the customer always pays a competitive price for the fuel all year round, which allows greater budget control and flexibility.

The company offers customer's their choice of Home Heating Oil / Kerosene 28 sec, Gas Oil / Red Diesel and Premium Kerosene . In addition to the ability to schedule deliveries weeks and months in advance, the company also offers emergency delivery services for their products.

To learn more about this company can help consumers to stay warm and comfortable, at a reasonable price during a bitterly cold winter, please visit the company’s website at

About Top Up Fuels
Top Up Fuels is an established family business founded by Dennis Woods and in business for over a decade. The company uses a combination of innovative technology and flexible payment programs to help ensure that their customers do not run out of fuel and to keep home heating oil purchases affordable throughout the year.

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