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Bryan Turner Launches New Bespoke Kitchen Design Services

Bryan Turner launches a new and improved service to their bespoke kitchen design range.


Wymondham, Norfolk -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2014 -- Bryan Turner is now offering a new and innovative service to their bespoke kitchen design options. The Norfolk based company personally builds and installs bespoke kitchen, bedroom and bathroom furniture for customers over the London, Kent, Cambridge, Surrey, the Midlands, and East Anglia regions.

Bryan Turner now allows clients to login to their website to view the progress of their kitchen all through to completion. They also allow you to directly message and speak to the account manager in charge of your bespoke kitchen design.

A spokesperson from the company said, “Our account managers will work you right from the offset, beginning with a consultation to get to know your tastes and ideas. Next they draw up multiple options. Moreover, you can login to the website at any time to talk directly to us, if you have any last minute concerns or changes”.

“We are dedicated to giving the customer the choice and ability to construct the perfect kitchen they have always desired.”

The account managers have over 30 years experience in making specialist bespoke kitchen design to the client’s specific requirements. Their new services and designs are all published in their brochure, and is often seen as a highlight in the calendar for many industry specialists.

About Bryan Turner
Bryan Turner Kitchens is a bespoke kitchen design company specialising in building and installing most kitchen designs. The company has been in the business providing high-standard kitchen furniture since the early 1980s and continues as one of the top architectural designers.

Call to speak with a representative of the company at 01953 601567 or visit Bryan Turner’s website today.