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Buchu's Power-Packed Bioflavonoids Boost Good Health, States BuchuLife

Herbal health brand BuchuLife outlines the range of bioflavonoids contained in its buchu products and their effectiveness as natural health remedies for a range of ailments.


Cape Town, Western Cape -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/03/2012 -- South Africa’s indigenous Buchu herb is literally packed with health giving bioflavonoids, naturally occurring plant nutrients which have therapeutic qualities.

Apart from containing anti-aging, anti-mutagenic and anti-carcinogenic properties, these compounds are responsible for the pigmentation of the fruit and flowers of the plant, making them more attractive as a vital food source.

Buchu’s Medicinal Value Packaged under the BuchuLife Brand

Today, Buchu oil, extracted from the leaves in an organic process, is the main ingredient in a host of highly effective natural health care products which are packaged under the BuchuLife brand.

Some, such as the refreshing BuchuLife Sparkling Herbal Water, are simply preventative, whilst others are used to treat specific ailments and illnesses and include BuchuLife UTI Relief Capsules, Joint Health Capsules and First Aid Gel.

The range of scientifically proven BuchuLife products are available at select retail stores throughout South Africa.

Health Benefits of Bioflavonoids

Bioflavonoids typically have two major influences on human health: health-promoting qualities and therapeutic effects.

When added to an individuals daily intake they benefit from enhanced cardiovascular health, increased capillary strength, better connective tissue structure, a more powerful immune system and improved eyesight and skin.

Furthermore, for individuals who suffer from any one of these diseases and disorders - coronary heart disease, various types of cancer, respiratory ailments, allergies, arthritis and viral infections - the bioflavonoids inherent in Buchu and a host of other fruits and vegetables will be beneficial.

What’s in BuchuLife Health Care Products?

Scientifically formulated BuchuLife products all feature the following bioflavonoids:

- Quercetin - an anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine and the most active of the bioflavonoids known for its natural pain relief qualities especially in the case of arthritis and other joint disorders

- Hesperidin - a potent anti-aging compound that maintains collagen health, eradicates allergies and reduces varicose veins, weak capillaries & bruising

- Diosphenol - a natural antiseptic and strong antioxidant

- Rutin - an anti-viral used to treat bad blood circulation, high blood pressure and varicose veins

- Diosmin - a natural anti-inflammatory with anti-mutagenic properties known for its therapeutic qualities

Find out more about Buchu’s Medicinal Qualities

More information about Buchu’s efficacy as a natural health care alternative can be found by visiting where the BuchuLife product range, recent scientific research, guest testimonials and details on retail outlets selling BuchuLife branded products are available.