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Bucks County FootLaser Reveals Numerous New Benefits from Using Their PinPointe Laser Technology


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/12/2013 -- Toenail fungus is a common condition that is suffered from people of all ages and mostly those who are 40 and older. Being that it is an unsightly infection to have, it can cause a lot of embarrassment especially during sandal season. The doctors from Bucks County FootLaser don’t want individuals to suffer any longer from toenail fungus, which is why they are revealing numerous new benefits for their PinPonte Laser Technology in regards to other options that are on the market at this time.

For antifungal nail treatment in Bucks County, they find PinPonte Laser Technology to be the most effective treatment for fungus. Although it can be purely for cosmetic purposes, some fungus if left untreated can become worse. For those who wish to put an end to toenail fungus today, they can contact Bucks County FootLaser and find that their PinPointe Technology is now approved by the FDA and is 88% effective. Unlike other topical treatments and creams that are only 8% effective, this investment has a much larger chance for success. The treatment is also painless, and no anesthesia is required.

There are no side effects or oral prescriptions that need to be taken, therefore eliminating any potential internal problems that could occur. The results from Bucks County FootLaser’s treatment is clinical proven and can be done in about a half hour visit. With these numerous advantages of the PintPointe Laser technology, one can enjoy the warm summer months and finally get to wear sandals without having to hide under the sand. As one of the leading technologies out there, patients have seen results from only one treatment. Its quick, painless and safe, making it one of the most sought out ways to rid of toenail funguses. Call today to see how to benefit from their treatments.

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With over 700 million individuals affected worldwide from toenail infections many have sought out safe, non-invasive treatments for those who are suffering from any painful discomfort. Bucks County FootLaser located in Warminster, PA is proud to provide the most effective solutions to remove and rid of any nail fungus with a laser beam, which will be able to diminish toenail infections with no anesthesia necessary. With the PinPointe Laser technology that Bucks County FootLaser uses they are able to provide their patients in the Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery County area with a safe procedure to relieve any pain and infection.

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