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Bucks County Heating & Air Now Offering Boiler Service


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2013 -- Bucks County Heating & Air is pleased to announce that they are now offering boiler service. A boiler is responsible for distributing heat and hot water throughout a home. It has a series of controls that regulates the time and temperature that heat and hot water are released. There are several problems that can occur with a boiler, so servicing it once a year is a very important step to ensuring a proper running boiler.

There are several signs that a boiler needs to be serviced. The first indication is if the hot water isn’t as hot as it normally should be or the pressure of the hot water drops. Another sign that the boiler needs servicing is if the pilot light consistently goes out or if the boiler flame is not its normal color. There can also be stains from smoke that are on the boiler or the boiler fan makes unusual or load noises. Any one of those problems is an indication that the boiler needs servicing immediately.

When a boiler doesn’t run correctly, it can be very dangerous for the occupants of the house. Carbon monoxide can be produced when the gas that runs the boiler isn’t burnt the correct way. Carbon monoxide can cause drowsiness, headaches, nausea, or in some cases, even death. A boiler that doesn’t run efficiently can also cause energy bills to increase. These are two very important examples of why it’s important to have a boiler serviced every year.

When the boiler is serviced by Bucks County Heating & Air, they will clean, repair, check, and re-set the boiler to ensure its safety and efficiency for the winter months to come. The best time to get the boiler checked is in the early fall before the heat needs to be turned on for the first time. For any heating and air conditioning service in Bucks County, call Bucks County Heating & Air today.

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