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Bucks County Heating & Air Now Offering Humidifiers This Fall


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2013 -- Bucks County Heating & Air, one of the leading heating contractors in Bucks County, is proud to announce they are now installing whole house humidifiers just in time for the fall season. Humid air naturally feels warmer than dry air, so adding humidity into all the rooms of a home will make it feel warmer and make a difference on the bottom line of the energy bill.

Bucks County Heating & Air wants to remind homeowners that now is the time to have the heating system serviced. Any day now, homeowners will be turning on the heat for the first time for the season. Chances are it will be at night and it’s not worth it to take the chance of it not working when it’s needed. Heat pumps, boilers, and furnaces all need to be serviced yearly to ensure they are working properly and efficiently. If the heating system has to work harder to achieve the desired temperature, it will make the energy bill much higher than it should be.

Installing a whole house humidifier and servicing the heating system yearly will significantly decrease the bottom line of the energy bill. Dry air enables flu and cold viruses to spread, so adding humidity into the air in the home will make the home a healthier environment for the family. Dry air also causes dry skin, itchy dry eyes, and sore throats in the winter. Homes that have forced hot air are more susceptible to dry air. Doctors always recommend a humidifier for both adults and children when they are sick. The humidity in the air will help everyone breathe easier and feel all around more comfortable.

When in need of heating and air conditioning service in Bucks County, contact Bucks County Heating & Air for an estimate on a whole house humidifier. Also remember to have the heat source serviced to avoid a costly emergency call in the middle of the winter.

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