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Bucks County Hot Tubs Delivers Ultimate Hot Tub Experience


Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2018 -- Bucks County Hot Tubs is the premier retailer and repair service for hot tubs and swim spas in Bucks County, PA. Located in Doylestown, the founder Chuck Renfro started his business in 2002 as a hot tub service offering repair, maintenance, renovation, and relocation services, eventually expanding in 2010 into selling hot tubs retail.

When it comes to hot tubs, there's a lot of things that make Bucks County Hot Tubs stand apart from the rest of the herd. Unlike many of their competitors, Bucks County Hot Tubs does not price-gouge their clients. Many hot tub retailers charge huge markups for new hot tubs. In contrast, one of the reasons Bucks County Hot Tubs expanded into selling hot tubs in the first place was to provide hot tubs and spas that would be affordable for middle-class homes.

However, just because their hot tubs are affordable doesn't mean they're not first-class. Bucks County Hot Tubs is supplied by Marquis, the #1-rated hot tub brand in the United States. Marquis is not only American-made and employee-owned; they operate in the heart of Oregon, handcraft their hot tubs themselves, and are uniquely devoted to green living, clean water, and energy efficiency.

Bucks County Hot Tubs also offers top-of-the-line hot tub maintenance, repair, service, and renovations. They will also give an honest appraisal of whether or not a hot tub should be replaced or simply repaired. They even do relocations and can transfer a hot tub from one home to another during a move.

Those with questions should contact Bucks County Hot Tubs at 267-214-2430, or visit their site at http://buckscountyhottubs.com/.

About Bucks County Hot Tubs
Bucks County Hot Tubs was founded in 2002 by Chuck Renfro. Initially specializing in hot tub repairs and maintenance, Chuck expanded his business in 2010 to include selling Marquis hot tubs at retail, soon becoming the premier hot tub retailer in Bucks County. Located in Doylestown, Bucks County Hot Tubs prides itself on providing the highest-quality hot tubs and hot tub repair services.

To learn more about Bucks County Hot Tubs, visit their website at http://buckscountyhottubs.com/.